057. The Spratly Islands and the South China Sea ASEAN Summit Part 1


11/25/2015 Kuala Lumpur ASEAN SUMMIT


The Spratly Islands and the South China Sea


Part 1


Ladies, Gentlemen, and all other participants whom we deem to be of the most original composition in relation to let us utilize pure logistics in your methodology of non-selfish and non-cantankerous dealing with the Federation as well as that of each other, we welcome you here today.


With these few words do we heartily begin.


May I introduce myself for those unfamiliar with our Federation, though many of you are seeds of long ago. I am Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, and I am a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary worlds.


We begin by thanking each of you for your voice in print as President Aquino has bid of you most graciously. President Aquino, we thank you for your generosity in this aspect.


We are your hosts this day, and as hosts and good ones we welcome the each and every one of you to our round table of non-dispute where all weapons and all cantankerous behavior will be put aside and the each One of you will behave in like manner as the respectable, moral, ethical, and evolved HUman beings you are, or are supposed to be.


Let us be candid. Due to the high range of uncomely events transpiring in this world today, there is little sense in putting off what must be said or stated. We are sure the each one of you will agree.


Therefore, there will be shown nothing less than respect for one another at this table and now let us begin.


In the first place, gentlemen and ladies of the councils of all fair and unusual treatment in relation to that which each of you think should be fair treatment, due to your incessant indebtedness to the monetary system which has brought your downfall and the downfall of each of your nations more than once per generation, we of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary worlds like to keep events and solutions to each self-generated perceived problem, simple.


In other words, you have all made your problems subjective unto yourselves and in doing so have complicated, that since the time of the first pioneers of your parents from the Federation of Unified and Free planets, your lives, the national security of each of your nations, as well as gotten yourselves into a bank-load of trouble.


By your own standards of relying upon the money system each individual and each nation have made it “impossibleto relax under the noonday sun, and the hour of systematic control of each of your finances have long belonged to those whose agenda has been swift in the takeover of each of your life-journeyings, and that of your own self-created nations at large.


So this is where the borders come down and the firearms are laid to rest. Should a one of you “ignore” our petition to the greater good toward all of HUmanity upon this globe, it will solely be toward your own detriment and that of your causes, as you perceive them to be, and that which would make the relaxing on the wall, or in other words, take the wall of all dispute down around your nations to enable you to work genuinely together become a consolidated effort, this will see each of your nations not so much in a Third World War, our friends, but in a condition of absolute terror from front to front and front to back so that not a one of you who think you are nations, will be able to sleep in your beds, China and Russia and the United States of America, and Israel included, the Arab States, the non-Arab States, all of Europe, Asea, and South America, Alaska, the Northwest Territories, and the North and South pole.


Do not think the any one of you are strong enough as nations to go through what we “KNOW” IS COMING UPON YOU should you IGNORE our last and latest WARNING.



This is but an introduction, and now we will tackle, as you think, the main problems which ye ones have all created for yourselves by listening to those with the money “experience” from another galaxy behind the rip in the curtain in the fabric of space which has allowed each person upon the planet an opportunity in design of that of their own lives, to live either in paradise along with others of their ilk and kin, or in Hell with the ones who broke through to GUARANTEE the each of you, your offspring which are yourselves, incarnate from one event to the other, a CERTAINTY of miserable lives each time you manifest yourselves in the present or return to either this planet or one similar to it, for there are many HUman races “out there” in your galaxies within your universes whose societal and technical level of obtrusiveness to other races besides themselves are just waiting for your assistance in messing things up further with them.


The event is here for each one of you to “get off the wheel” of purgatory, as some call it, or a climax into a sojourn of nastiness which the brash nail on the head of donkey will not relinquish in any short time nor event.


You all want to be the greatest in both leadership as well as nationhood.


We tell you that unless you work for the betterment of your neighbour and all of HUmankind leaving none out, no one in poverty, you yourselves have created by listening and following, all those millennia ago, the HELLion system of economics, you will be the least on the list of good effort among all creation, among all HUmanity, therein providing no good help among yourselves as a HUMAN RACE, and will be wiped clean off our slate which will bar any one of you from the Federated claim to your own happiness, souls, and “benediction,” Catholics, as well, to those whom you deem to think you have the authority to sanctionsainthood” to, and of this, “DO NOT BE LEFT OUT.” Adieu


Good events will follow each HUman race every time universal principles are adhered to and followed, and by this are we not referring to those laws and principles of your own creation, for some are good and others are bad; the bad usually resulting in ones’ creation of such laws in order to protect their vocation of invasion and occupation and their religious persuasion and wallets. Good Day, Good Evening to others of you, and Good Morning to the rest.


We are pleased you have come. Now will we proceed after a short break in a short space of a few days, hours and no, not months, this event in PART TWO.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a Representative of the Federation of Free Planetary worlds and the union of creation