056. The Spratly Islands and the South China Sea ASEAN Summit Part 2


11/25/2015 Kuala Lumpur ASEAN SUMMIT


The Spratly Islands and the South China Sea


Part 2


Ladies and Gentlemen and the people who are not abstract in their thinking activities to date, Good Evening, Good Morning, and we have the second part here as well. When we address a representative we will address he or she as “Mr. President” in accordance to the nation in question. Thank you, and now let us, if you are each ready, proceed.


First and foremost, we lay the perimeters......and nothing else.


We will lead you, not tell you. These are your decisions, Sirs and Madams of the council today.


In the event of Ticket Money laundering, the NY Stock Market laundering activity is under pretense and manipulation of foreign exchange of nations.


As you Ones have gotten yourselves into this mess with the monetary situation so will we begin by addressing the nearest and foremost concern and that consists of money, money laundering among the nations, money laundering among yourselves, money laundering among foreign investors, and the act of money laundering among private citizens.


And if you think the any one of you that you will get away with any of these money laundering schemes or tricks, we can well assure the each one of you that you will not.


And we will tell you why. It is because the entire SPECTRUM OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY MONOPOLIZATION is based upon gambling and money laundering for its very base source of OPERATIONS, and therefore there is not one individual living within this global community whom is not tied into the so-called “Illegal” money system laundering operation.


For instance, the entire banking system is run upon a true network of schemes, schemer embroidery, as well as instigating that the perks of the oil and gas market remain or go directly to the money earners which are not the exclusive oil barons as you might think.


For instance, Ladies and Gents, the exclusive oil industry operates solely upon a self-gratification of middle-man or middle-woman conglomerates which take down the ratio of decreases vs. increases to the Oversight salaries of both, the United States Congress as well as the Canadian Senate, the British Parliamentarians, and the Roman Ducabours of which there is a final race to the finish line.


The futures market, dear Ones, is not set by the Royals of the Midlands or Middle East, nor South Asea, nor by the critique of the Australian linen or cotton cloth market, nor South America, nor the hinterlands of the Russian DUMA still in Royal power there behind the scenes, but rather is set quietly by the Hellion races of: one another to the finish line, and those banking debuts are not going to acquire the blame from the Oversight of the U.S. American nor British nor Roman Centurions, nor Congress nor the Senate.


So drop all pretense of going after the money launderers as a group of his or her lesser achievement, for the nuance of just whom you would be going after, as groups of people or individuals, would be fruitless UNLESS THE ENTIRE BANKING ESTABLISHMENT IS rendered off the map.


You SEE, Sir?


Now, the United States Corporate Market and Industries Alliance have long been concerned about China’s success in monetary gain though the investments market.

ASEAN States or Nations, it is wisdom to see China as the security of the region. Try to see them as you would any other ASEAN brother or sister nation in efforts to promote trust, for without trust you will not be able to even alliance as One people and without the true act of alliancing within your own races, how can any of you expect to alliance yourselves within the universal or global whole, or total HUman races of which each one of you are akin to?


With back bracketing yourselves you will have not only distilled the potential problems at your back and front doors, but have also come to the point where you may then thank kindly the United States for their “concern” whereby they may go home and tend to their own crises.


If the United States are wise they will not by diplomatic procedure stay on in the ASEAN region under pretense of world peace or international fracturing of waters which they call freedom of navigation in such unwarranted concern.


Mr. President, China, a major influence in the ASEAN contour of the land will need to take up its responsibility in this case to ensure all ASEAN nation states are well accommodated throughout the region in all “trade” issues and accompany their trade vessels safely to their destination.


All minerals and all oil and petroleum products must be shared on an equal basis which will alleviate the Chinese concern that one day soon their oil and gas provider Saudi Arabia will not leave them high and dry with Iraq’s oil industry still in a shambles, and Russia’s Luke Oil tied-in for reasonable payback in Iraq’s time of pre-empted, upon that nation, war.


We are not here, any of us, to throw sticks and stones, but rather in the height of diplomatic ingredients toward a swift world peace where the participants of each world region see no more need for backing the wars of the bankers to their own continued demise, we must remain invisible in our diplomatic dealing with one another as the leaders you are and wish to be. And remaining “invisible” simply means: to AVOID friction by treating each other WITH RESPECT and conducting yourselves both individually as well as micromatically in a manner of which, you, yourselves, would expect and like to be treated: above board and genuine.


Many of you have learned all too well the Hellion stratagem and maneuvering of the act of war, and you need to get off it before you go down with it, kingdom after kingdom, nation after nation.


The tendency to thrive on war and talk of war puts the each one of you and your nations on the continuing brink of disaster.


We understand the United States’ concern about “freedom of navigation” in the South China Sea. Yet “freedom of navigation” in International waters off the coast of Palestine was not protected by the concern of the United States; neither were the naval boats nor the United States Marines sent to protect the Flotillas nor the “freedom of navigation” rights of the Palestinian fishermen in that region.


Mr. President, when we are concerned about one region and the rights of one region of the atlas, we must treat all fairly and in the same manner and not the opposite.


It is all too easy to get into nonsensical fighting matches between the strong-arms and the vulnerable of these regions globally, so this is where we must learn to replace villainy and unfairness, and allow practicality and true honour to take the place of failed solutions through the worn and torn applications of the same strategic methods which never actually work, methods which the Hellion races have set in motion long ago.


Methods which are “MEANT” not to work but to keep the “bees” busy flying to and fro while the ants clean up every morsel left behind when scarcely no one is listening and no one is watching.


In part three will we look at yet another event which is the proclamation of warfare, and just how it all served and serves this day in laying the foundation for this round of talks at KUALA LUMPUR to never succeed.


We will show the each one of you and your nations how you are being manipulated while attending the Summits, Summits where you “believe” you are actually there, to “figure out events and to figure out amongst yourselves just what to do in the case of this or that event transpiring.”


We bring out these events of contention not for the purpose of inflaming the already inflamed indigestion of all whom are seated or not seated at this round table of non-dispute, seasoned or unseasoned, but rather in continuing to lay out a simple foundation of what has transpired as using these events as “points of reference” toward a rather simple and logical unemotional solution, or in your case, solutions, as you, each one in your fragmented state, wish to call it.


Joining hands will not do it alone, our friends, WITHOUT understanding and manifesting true will toward the stopping of breaking universal principles in coordinating with one another, and in then “SEEING THROUGH YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING THE WISDOM” of your great grandfathers and great grandmothers whom are once yourselves from the starships, many of you, but not all. Therein you will espouse the KNOWING of that which you should do.


We will tell you all, if necessary, but clues should be sufficient. You are NOT a BRAINLESS lot.


What about the bankers and their wars against you, and what about genuine threats and harassments against you, and what about indictment, blackmail, lies, and slander against you? And what about “cement boots?” And the “Assets,” and “Blackwater,” the most pronounced one against you?


Yes, leaders of nations, you do have a genuine lot on your plates, but those are plates of plenty and those plates of plenty are protected by the banker elites who only wish your plate will also furnish themselves with a high multitude of gain without you on it.


Is there a quick and viable solution where arms and threats of real injury toward yourselves, your nations, and your peoples can be manifested in one split second? Within a five minute radius of your “time” events?


Indeed there is.


But you shall not find it through democracy, communism, fascism, socialism, nor any other governmental doctrine of “high finance,” for the Hellion races-to-the-finish-line have created them all, just as two main set-in-place religions for the purpose of backing and furnishing the wars of the money system of the Hellions, have sprouted many diverse religious arms which was once told by the “goddess” Vishnu who was a woman-in-arms, and no man.


Perversion struck her down.


Mohammed, one of the greatest prophets as you call them in this day and age, whom ever lived, would be astounded and relaxed naught in the belief that he was the one fighting for unity for the world without end and seeing what they had done to abstract his words into words of war so as to “furnish” all those “incidents” and blackmails and ugly truths about his name which never did once exist.


Ye ones have all re-written the words of the enlightened ones like ourselves, and in doing so have done yourselves in.


Do not make the same mistake again, for look what it has done, and of this will part three of our meeting lay flat on our round table of non-dispute an oratory of further Record Keeping, and so say each one of us: Let us rest, for the moment will surely come whereby each one must answer not only to their people and their nations but of their very own soul in progression or not to the next stage.


We know this is difficult and we never said it would be easy, but you have done it before and so you can do it once again.


Salu, Salaam, and all extended greetings world-wide for all those whom are of our seed and our kin among the entire HUman races.


We hold of the utmost respect and admiration for you ALL.


Good Day, Good Evening, and Good Night. This will be continued in PART THREE.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a Representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Words. Amen.


PLEASE NOTE: As I was placing the bolding and italic in the text the program decided to bold all of the text. As our events are of a critical nature we will just place the text the way it is now and perhaps the next as well. We apologize and thank you for your tolerance. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez