055. President Aquino, Sir, you are welcome to our table


Sir, when One says the Philippines is a “religious country” and would like to keep it that way such a One lauds the day the mind becomes dull because they allow another to think for themselves. This will inevitably bring about the event when they have no words of their own.


There is not one part nor portion of this once newly seeded earth which had been obstructed by religion nor that of religious thought, for all religious thought merely leads a nation on a road with no end and no solutions; a road fraught with harassment and fear; a road filled with idle promises which no man, woman nor child is able to fulfill for another.


But people of the “cloth,” people of religion are our “friends” and as our “friends” shall we all come together and reason the reasonable and not new history written excluding that of the old, or Original, of which religion is developed and has been developed from the inception of the Hellion arrival.


There is a young one waiting in the sidelines but not so much in the sidelines, and this one would be a good leader of this country, the Philippines. This soul wishes to work for the people and wishes to work once day with us, the Federation of Unified and Well Structured Planetary Bodies.


However, it would please us greatly, Sir, if you would stay on for one more term. For one thing this would “greatly” diminish the crime in this, the once Federated country of the Philippines.


It is “our wish” that you do so.


Indicative of the element of surprise that so quick a response was forthcoming, let us gather the necessary components to our round table of non-dispute in a day or so, for the information of the Mini-Series must take the front bench and then before the next is presented shall we proceed with the concern you have brought up with regard to the Oceanic Tide of what shall be done with the nations ASEAN of the sea, and that of the one whom, outstanding, toward the rest, shelters himself naught, yet hinders the others in their calculative format for a better and more precise doctrine of who shall own what and what shall own who.


We ask, Sir, Mr. President that you gather all those interested parties leaving none out.


We, ourselves, must ask the compliance and attendance in voice for our discussion of the United States President Barak Obama for we have good “reason” to ask the attendance of this man; The Chinese President, Mr. Xi, and our first selection, our other good friend, “the good man,” Pope Francis, whose concern does not go unknoticed.


When a man feels he is standing all alone, he must know he is not.


We are most gratified, Sir, if you would be present yourself at the new inauguration of Tripoli Diplomats and “consider” carefully, all that you do, before you do it.


You have brought up the name of “The Peoples’ Army” as a further concern and insight, Mr. President. We say to you, that no man, no woman, and no child or childlike figure is to be excluded from our round table of non-dispute, therein, please, our good friend, we trust you will take the highly evolved position to “invite them.”


We will see you then our friend, President Aquino, Sir.  Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a Representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets