053. Sir, universal principles will not determine otherwise than to follow the correct procedure in all things good for the Humanity





Taxes employed for a good cause (carbon tax) cannot be upheld in principle within the universal doctrine of life. All forms of usury for whatever reasons will always continue in disrupting and destroying and degrading nation after nation.


Why, for instance, would a world the churches call paradise which employ no economics with which to harbor ill upon the people, be a format you would wish to copy?


Is not becoming the best one can be through the following and not breaking allegiance with universal principle, which is the working of the universe from its origins, not the only effort which we should put into practice?


One cannot follow two roads at the same time, when one road has already proven disastrous over the generations.


We remain your friends, and


I remain your friend,


Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez