052. APEC and as Representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets have we accepted your invitation.


Sirs, Madams, and Speaker of the House, we as Representatives of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets have once again come to the service of the peoples of this world and of leaderships such as the each one of you hold today, may we say we are of the most gratified nature to be invited and do herewithe sit at the table with ye all.


Our discourse will be short and to the point and not at all what any one of you would expect. Until our Mini-Series on The Seeding: has been completed in part of the early sessions, do we heartily advise you, each one, to reclaim your decisions in acting too swiftly in any direction for you may well regret them later.


Any decision you make now toward the reclaiming of your own “economic” stance with that of coordinating with another of same mind before you hear us out will in the end serve to be most futile, so with these words spoken let us now set our hand to the pen of our own tongue.


Global trade, trade finance, and e-commerce are the catapult which landed you all in this mess in the first place. There is absolutely no room for an economic base which would work for the people, only for yourselves and your own selfish agenda.

You have been railroaded into supporting and upholding a system which neither one of you far and wide have any inkling of how it actually got there, and therein those of you, and we are sure there are many here today whose loyalty is to the people, not only of your own countries but those also of other trade nations who tend to jump into the quagmire of the bankers’ most “generous offer” to ye all do not even understand where you do leap.


Any decision you make now toward the reclaiming of your own “economic” stance in coordinating with another of same mind set before you hear us out, will, in the end serve to be most futile; so with these words spoken let us now set our hand to the pen of our own tongue.


First of all, let us touch on the hotpan of Free Trade:


“Free Trade


"The Apec leaders reiterated their commitment to achieve the Bogor Goals of free and open trade and investment by 2020 and eventually achieve the dream of turning the region into the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP).


"The Bogor Goals refer to a set of goals for realizing free and open trade in the Asia-Pacific region as agreed by member economies in 1994 in Bogor, Indonesia."


For those of you here today who do not seem to be aware of the tyrannies of the offered Free Trade agreement as agreed upon in 1994 in Bogor, Indonesia, we will tell you now that the Free Trade offer is a deadpan for each of your nations.


You will sink your economies so fast you will find yourselves sunk in a quagmire of ill-gotten goods.


Remember this: The hen who laid the golden egg turned out to be the gander netting the foe with the ill-gotten gain.


What happens in the Free Trade World is this: Free Trade is designed “entirely” toward Corporate and Industrial interests which are Corporative and Big Business interests.


When Corporations trade amongst each other their revenue heightens dramatically through their saving costs which they do not have to pay the government in duties. So who pays the difference? The tariffs are picked up by the ordinary people and small business on the other receiving end.


So when the conclusion by foreign brokers is for governments to give tax breaks to small businesses, the governments do not like it. And why do they not like it?


They do not like it because they are already losing revenue from the Free Trade loss by foreign Corporate powers and then would incur another great loss by cutting even more revenue by subsidizing small business.


When small businesses set to trade out of the country with other small businesses, or ordinary people send gifts to one another in foreign countries, they, the small businesses or ordinary people will pick up the costs overall throughout each nation engaged in the Free Trade agreement which the Corporate and Big Business Power Brokers have dumped on the small businesses and ordinary people, to carry “for them” or in “their stead” in tariffs.  Universal principle is AGAINST all forms of usury, taxes, and tariffs. It is one of the quickest methods to destroy nations.


Once the nations’ governments have lost much revenue because of the Free Trade Agreements their Corporate powers and Industry have desired, the big banks step in and offer a “lending agreement” and of this agreement, their nations are sold completely out. The nation and its people and its government have NO MORE RIGHTS. Do you understand what we are saying here?


The rich get richer and the poor become poorer.


The turtle walks with a heavy shell while the rabbit sprints to the finish line acting as though it is pure as snow and as harmless as a dove; wolves in sheep’s clothing.

When you take the system of the financiers trade debut and think that MONEY is going to win any of you laurels with your people, you have been more duped than the people themselves, because at least the people have “understood” there is something wrong, whilst the majority of ye ones only turn your eyes to the floor or are so very gullible you do not even know when your so-called peers undermine your very intelligence.


If GO-D is all you crave, then GO-D is all you will get, but you will lose your souls in the midst of it for paradisaical union of worlds do not allow subservience to a creation of inanimate objects.


Good day, Good Evening, and Good Night to those of you who have traveled so far for these days.


A word of good advice to you all herewithe; At the table will we sit for the purpose to not quit, but this time every table will we furnish, for you must all learn how to cooperate with the China Sea issue leaving none out, for it is not good and wise council to enlist the same methods to deal with the same situations, otherwise you will all lose, including China and the Chinese people, for none of these oceans belong to any of you anyway. They belong to the Federation of Unified and Free Planets and as of the first day of the seeding you are all just visitors here anyway.


You have learned little throughout your tenure in this world. And of this we close our portion of this APEC meeting, for the G8 and all nations who gather in their little capricious groups are little better off and have survived by keeping the wars going their way in order to ALWAYS FURNISH THE ECONOMIC HELL ON the people and small business.


Dated and Signed by and on behalf of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets:


Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

(Notation: Someone removed the dates from several of these Summets. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez)