051. There is no problem which cannot be solved except by those who do not wish to solve it.




While the ONENESS is the KEY, you must “first” learn how to use it. Stampeding into Syria and destroying it because you all think you must put your energy somewhere, collecting collateral damage of innocent souls in the process, is not using either knowledge, wisdom, nor understanding of working in the ONENESS of all higher “ENLIGHTENED” evolved “GOOD” soldiers and governing of nations.


ISIS is a carrot. ISIS is a carrot being held up before your noses. This carrot is swinging this way and that throughout the country of Syria. As the carrot swings the nations of Europe which have divided themselves from the United States and its warfaring allies, are “attacked.” This time it was Paris, the land of romance and intrigue. Paris was attacked to turn the people against Muslims and Syria and the government of Syria whose border ISIS(A) is within also.


The Parisians are sickened and infused with rage and demand their government attack ISIS who is within Syrian borders and so the carrot swings and not only do ISIS become sought after but also the innocent people of Syria pay and pay and pay. And because this strategy is not new by any means but only has taken on a different face, the strategy must not be the same in combating those who have created ISIS and made them their latest boogeyman and pendulum - a new carrot.


But this strategy of the HELLION races, whome we will explain shortly just who they are, is a most clever one. With the immigrants flooding into Europe this will be sure to turn the white races against the coloured races and the beginning of another bloodbath, this time in Europe; another prospect of intentionally created war will ensue and while the people of the white nations are “occupied” with chaos so will all eyes turn from the Middle East and the plan of the rivers, and the lakes, and the waters will continue until all waters are controlled leaving the greater part of the Middle East under Israeli control and the United States will then “quietly” put up their so-called defense shield and the west and Europe, so sickened and infuriated what is being done to them, will blame all of Israel’s enemies.


Yes? BUT remember this: The Mini-Series is not yet completed and so do not jump the gun on this one, because you still do not understand just “who” the real Hellion races are. Not all history is factual and when the rest is unravelled we can assure the each one of you that you will realize it is not quite as you once thought.


THINK, PEOPLE, THINK! For THERE IS A WAY and that way is the way of the ONENESS of REASONABLE MANEUVERING. This, we will explain in the upcoming Mini-Series, The Seeding. Watch, Remember, and Reason. PRAYER AND FINE WORDS WILL “NOT” DO IT!


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)