048. In 33 U.S. Cities, It’s Illegal to Do the One Thing That Helps the Homeless Most (PART TWO: The Homeless and Mr. John Arceneaux)

This man "refuses" to take credit for helping another human being because to him it is the right of every human being to not sit in the streets homeless without food and water. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez



June 26, 2015 at 4:16 PM


“Why it's happening: The bans are officially instituted to prevent government-run anti-homelessness programs from being diluted. But in practice, many of the same places that are banning food-sharing are the same ones that have criminalized homelessness with harsh and punitive measures. Essentially, they're designed to make being homeless within city limits so unpleasant that the downtrodden have no choice but to leave. Tampa, for example, criminalizes sleeping or storing property in public. Columbia, South Carolina, passed a measure that essentially would have empowered police to ship all homeless people out of town. Detroit PD officers have been accused of illegally taking the homeless and driving them out of the city.” (An overview)


John Arceneaux shared Karim Metwaly's video in Part One.

At our request to publish this document and video to our site, verbatim, to allow the essence to come through from Mr. John Arceneaux, Mr. Arceneaux was unable to do so as the posting had been blocked. He is a busy man so when he writes he writes hurriedly. We had lifted the barrier at the time to allow for this sincere and generous plea for assistance to the homeless. Yet an advertisement was allowed through the barrier. We hold great admiration for this man who seeks no credit and because he is such a soul, credit due him through others helping the homeless is indeed all he truly wants. The video itself is of such threat to the established order that when one tries to download it a dire warning comes up.

Posted by Mr. John Arceneaux who is greatly admired and listened to throughout the 2nd and 3rd world countries but virtually ignored in the west due to self-centeredness, greed, and a LAW IN THE UNITED STATES WHICH IS EITHER ON THE TABLE IN SOME CITIES, OR IN EFFECT IN MOST CITIES, FORBIDS THE POPULATION TO HELP THE HOMELESS IN 33 CITIES AND GROWING, FOR FEAR OF GREATER REPRISAL. But those who will think of themselves first will one day stand alone. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Now, the words of Mr. John Arceneaux:

“Watch this video and wake up! Meaning you don't know how I live. You don't know what I go through you don't know the type of people that attacked me on a daily basis online trying to get help their plastic. Many of you don't have any idea how lonely the real people that are in need are. I have been a servant to others all of my life. I have found myself in this exact position twice in my 51 years of life helping the homeless. I have been judge for helping people I have been told by my family that I can't save the world. All I gotta say is all you haters kiss my big ass and watch me now.

"I feel liberated watching this young man. I know what this young man is doing is not doing it for views for attention he's doing it because it has a heart he's exposing to the world that philanthropy is really a fancy word for serving others. But you know what those of us that serve others those of us that have that personality that just doesn't stop serving others we always have a hard time getting help our own selves. I wouldn't trade my life for nothing I have some of the best friends in the world right now my daughter is awesome and when I look in the mirror I don't owe my soul to anybody. So if you hate me so what you just hating yourself you damn fool. You want to change your life start caring and loving for others and watch how they appreciate you it'll break off all that fake plastic veneer you where is your identity. Thank you for reading thank you for caring thank you for supporting what we do.

“Think about all the fake people in our country my brother that have their comfortable lives there churches their organizations and they pass up the homeless the past that people that could need help even people in their own family and they look down on people because they haven't received what they should or anything that's what I'm talking about I get judged by people that have plenty and they tell me that I'm ignorant for doing what I do so I just stick them the Butterfinger and some of them I have to tell them to rotate my butter finger so far up there a stop at my elbow or do it with their own Butterfinger I'm just being very reflective over 30 years of life being a servant to others and realizing the lessons that I neglected to learn along the way that I'm having to learn now!”

Because of Mr. John Arceneaux "true humility" we will most likely be severely reprimanded for putting him in the limelight. But sometimes it is necessary if for no other reason than to TELL THE PEOPLE TO PLEASE LISTEN!!!


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez