046. Captain James Galiac: How Do I Speak to My Prophets?

"We speak with One voice!” - Admiral James Galiac Esq!



May 22, 2015 at 10:44 PM


Captain James Galiac enlightens the reader of the technique he and others use in speaking to their prophets. Following this debut the Captain speaks concerning the Great Evacuation! - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)



Captain James Galiac Sananda:

Wednesday, May 1, 1996


"Now, joining us today will be a commander of the fleet, under which my control is dictated. For once you, the people of planet Earth, need to understand how I speak to my people, the prophets.

"Understanding voice quality is only a portion of what we do, and to you it may seem as much of an enigma as placing a fire inside a water hole and expecting it to burn.

"I tell you in all truth here, little ones, that those who hope to redeem themselves from the spectacle that they deserve not, will only accompany them inasfar as their application of understanding. This evidently, for the faint hearted, would surmise them to be in complete charge of all they think and do. For in evidentuality that their consciousnesses continue to play the game of warfaring within their soul, they ones need to know, that for my father's fleet, of which he gave unto me, does not in the least forfeit the eventuality for which time displays her motion upon the scene. For when I come in the clouds for "pickup," should we say, a standby notice will be given to the world.

"And should those of ye, who hear not my voice, face abstraction in the light of all truth-bearing notes I have given you, then the parsonage of the institutions will serve upon their heads that radical prescription of non-admittance to Starfleet.

"Should that time discriminate the possibilities for any the one of you, then surmise this instruction before that occurs: my angels accompany me with flight of over 10,000 ships into your quadrant. And with those 10,000 parsonages, of which many co-command my fleet which was given unto me by my father, Gabriel, those same severely will follow me into the pits of global disaster in order to save those dear ones, who for the love of truth have indeed prepared themselves for my coming at the end of the age.

"And when exactly will that be, friends? Only my father and I know of the approximate time. But heresy states that it is known only of my father, of which time I will arrive for your redemption. If that were indeed so, then I would poorly qualify to command anything, much less those which I must take into the midst of battle. For the global escapade of which the each of ye feign escape, will secure of ye all that notice of interjecting only that which remains imprinted upon your forehead into a design which merits the truth of action, so symbolized by the action of your hand. And if you take my words again to mean, that in the end times a conscious endeavour to integrate within the human participants, those engravings into the forehead to the hand of your father, the devil, then dear ones, think again, for at times not even your theology makes sense.

"New structure please, Seila. Position yourself for next chapter heading:" A Penny is Worth a Million to the Cults of the Age - Beware of Petty Pleasure." (End quote) (From our book Religion of the Decade)

Authored by Sananda Esu Jmmanuel aka in this lifestream: Captain James Galiac Sananda.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)