041. Democracy - The OCCUPIER OF THE NATIONS!



 August 7, 2012

There are many ways to look at the tyrant, democracy, and to call democracy an occupier, dear ones, is just one more catalyst to understanding this form of ruthlessness against the people. Your minds and hearts have been saturated for so long with the lie that democracy is a government for the people that many of you can no longer think otherwise.

Democracy is not a government for the people, of the people, nor by the people.

Before we can move on, dear ones, we must turn away from the evil and embrace all that which is good for our souls as well as our physical bodies. Let us look at this ploy against the nations from another viewpoint then.

A coup on a nation begins long before the coup upon the nation's government takes place by evil and aggressive powers. They have air power, chemical weapons, ground forces, and forces by sea, which draw a line around a nation before pulling the noose tight.

There is nothing natural about your democracy. Democracy is a door opened for the uneducated, selfish, greed-filled and traitorous persons to feed off the people within.

A coup on the nations result firstly in occupation and theft of other nations' natural resources belonging to their respective people. After the initial invasion usually with bombs, chemical weapons and mercenaries, and foreign spies, does the occupying power perform a coup on the governments of the nations.

This is a strategy, dear ones, and a very dangerous one. The occupying forces take down the nations by military force, layer by layer, and in the present national government's place is set up a fragmenting friction of a group of people led by a western instilled marionette. The people of the nations, beloveds, are all left out. This is the goal and reason of the western powers: no power for the people

Democracy allows for no power for the people, only power over the people. In a paradisaical society the people are the power - the only power which protects a nation and their leadership.

Many people say: "Let us look among ourselves to find one or two or even several who may make our lives easier." But beloveds, does any one who is fortunate enough to be elected by the people, have the solutions to "all" the peoples' misfortunes and concerns? If not, then what can the "elected" ones do to change the system from hellish economics to paradisaical stability and contentment? Nothing!

Look at the western governments: only lobbyists have power in government. They, in fact, operate the government of the west. They fund one another from banking institutions all the way down the ladder throughout every facet of society, and this is why, dear ones, you can never rid yourselves of those trying to harm you with pharmaceutical drugs and expenses, lawyer fees, injustice for the poor, and the philosophical and historical falsehoods taught in your schools, colleges and universities. This is to name just a few.

We cannot stress to you, the readers, enough, how dangerous this form of government is. Democracy presents a four-year coup cycle which fragments the government from each other as well as from the people and pulls everyone away from the oneness of unity needed to even begin building paradise.

Rigged elections, hidden-away ballot boxes, and should the people win an election for their candidate, how many of the candidates or people themselves, know how to recreate paradise on this world, you call earth? Again we ask of the readers, this most important question.

This particular world is run by men of the lower-evolved attitude. They have long been influenced by those who first came to this earth with their money trick. Many generations of being reincarnated back into the same society, run by the same people with their evil banking trick, has made most of you forget your true origins.

This world is in a diabolical mess because of it. But could women do any better at their stage of development? We see women in high places. Most of them try to outdo the men in their wickedness and competition with them. Other women wish to pull out of wars which the men have begun, but find themselves unable to do so.

In effect, any format of government as known upon this particular world is useless in rebuilding a paradisaical system in its entirety. However, the paradisaical system which we offered up to the nations in the year 2000, will bring the nations around in one quick hurry.

The "powers that be" have said "NO."

Dear ones, out of our blueprint for Iraq we displayed a segment which dealt with the question of: How could a leadership of Twenty-Four ensure their own safety?

Here is our answer to that concern: If the system and leadership working within that system gives to the people not only that which they need, but that also which the people desire, then there will be no question that the people, themselves, armed to the teeth, will satisfactorily protect the leadership who give them the people-friendly system.

Switzerland is one nation which has never been attacked, dear ones. They have fortifications in the mountains. Their people are heavily armed. Therein anyone who envisions invading Switzerland must first pass though mountain passages which are militarily fortified by the Swiss people.

Switzerland, however, still heavily embraces the banking system and it is this banking system with its economics which separate the rich from the poor. So again, many facets of paradise must be built.

Before this occurs of course, the nations will have ensured that no adversary is allowed to undermine the paradisaical order of economics. Many adversaries when they see the banking system collapse will decide among themselves that perhaps paradise building is the better choice. But others will cling to the old system in hopes of bringing to themselves an unfair advantage.

Such wicked ones do not seem to realize that they, themselves, could aptly benefit from a system of a paradisaical nature. This is their folly.

The day will come when they will have no choice in the matter and when that day comes, the wise will become fools and the fools then become the wise.

"Remember this, Sisterhood and Brethren, it is written that many of us ‘walk among the living dead.’ This demonstrates that in the time nearest the new beginning, the same generations would come back to walk this earth. Those living upon this earth in their bodily cases are called the ‘living.’ Those whom these living considered ‘deceased’ whether over long centuries of time or the short present who have since reincarnated upon this same earthen plane are the ‘living dead.’ So all will be privy to choose which side they are on - the system born in heaven or the system born in hell. The capitalist system of economics and their societal structure, or the paradisaical system of economics and our societal structure. After all, it is your choice, each and every one." (Taken from our blueprint for Iraq).

It is your choice, beloveds - heaven is built on every earth where the people demand it, and hell is reserved the worlds for the unevolved of soul, intellect and wisdom.

Hell, dear Ones, is "only" a place of "brimstone and fire and torment" inasmuch as the culprit "war" is ineffect, for that is what the Hell actually is which is spoken so fervently in your religious texts, "without, as usual, the proper explanation."

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)