040. Democracy is NOT Paradise


Dear ones, if you win over your enemies you have accomplished something. If you conquer them you have lost the war. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez) 



July 26, 2012

We look at the problem of attaining a paradisaical world through democracy. I have taken a portion also out of my blueprint for Iraq. The west did not like this trend in the Middle East so they destroyed every nation we tried to help - one by one. So now when a nation is on its way to setting up as well as they are able, the beginning of paradise for their people, we say nothing.

As you look at the "democratic nations" there is little to compare it to a paradisaical way of life. For instance not much if anything is ever free.

The politicians must throw out the tax and usury system in favour of the original economic system as used upon many planetary worlds, even though many planetary worlds are no further ahead than this one. In that way your politicians would be accomplishing something worth doing.

As it is, half of the world behaves crazily and the other half follows.

Courts and jails are no more than an attestment to systematic failure and a complete breakdown of Universal structure of justice.

With all this information coming rapidly to the forefront of understanding in peoples' minds, from different sources, let us for a moment in time look forward upon a segment of what exactly to do about this ongoing disaster in the matter of housing taken from my blueprint for Iraq.


Every family is entitled to a plot of land to grow vegetables, trees and flowers, and to build a house suitable for the size of their family. There will be no mansions nor castles. Each family will attend a school to learn requirements for house size and building code expectations.

These schools will be within each district. If a woman is expecting a child or a family chooses to house their elderly then the permit they are given will reflect the suitable size of the home. Each family, however, will be permitted to choose the materials for their homes, such as marble floors, or hardwood floors. In return their own talents will be required by others.

Each home will be equipped with wind power windmills in their rooftops as well as solar power either in the roof, or walls or both. All wind and solar power goes into the grid. The grid consists of all transmission lines supplying the people's electrical needs nationwide. This grid is the inherent right of all people and thusly is provided at no charge.

Farms will be also equipped with both and must provide heated accommodations for their animals during the cold season.

Each home will have gun safes. The key to this room will be held by the heads or head if there is only one parent, or eldest sibling no younger than sixteen years of age, of the family. In the event of an invasion the Ummah (or province) they live in will sound an alarm and the districts will immediately arm and wait for further coded instructions from the Security Panel which will continue to inform the Ummahs.

(End quote)

(Note: Until this planet comes under the protection of the Federation of Free Planets, the people will need to protect themselves, if we were to get that far which is highly doubtful at the stage of humanities evolution. Those who wish it are being bombed and have chemical weapons continually dropped upon their persons. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez))

Ummahs work within the UMMAH which is the Nation, itself.

Of the Ummah, I qualify one in capital letters and the other in small print. Of course, this is all explained at the beginning of the blueprint for Iraq, which is in its detail exemplary.

Right now the western governments and corporate powers in America hold most of the land. Much land in the west is unoccupied so that the people are forced into the towns and cities where they are groomed for poverty and to keep them under the thumb of their slave masters.

Even some who live within desert regions in the United States and own property rights, meaning the titles to the land which they occupy, are still being forced out by the authorities uncompensated for the losses, which is a blatant denial of their inherent right to their own property. Targeted are particularly some who "live off the grid" in self-sufficiency.

Those who press upon others the system of democracy, do so in order to perpetuate the tyrannical economic system and societal structure. Fragmentation is chaos. Those who force democracy upon others, uphold the continuous plummeting of the world into chaos because democracy is the perfect smokescreen for deceiving the people. Those residing under such a system are made by the international banker to reside within the illegal system of usury. This can be stated of all formats of governmental control under the non-Universal structure of present day economics.

In other words, the international banker knows certain leaders may rebel once they are elected, so the international banker may contemplate discrediting and demonizing these leaders before the world's-present-day societal structure - or worse.

Those who wish to give to the people that which is theirs never last long whilst those who take from the people usually in the form of the taxation or the reba-usury system and the selling out of their national resources to foreign powers, are those whom are guaranteed another four years next coming election.

As it stands today, impotency still reigns in the brains of most World Leaders.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)