039.  Captain James Galiac: “‘YE ARE ALL GODS!”



May 15, 2015 at 7:50 PM


The one you knew as "Jesus a christed one" (for you are the newer generation he promised to come back for) has a new name in his new lifestream - Captain James Galiac. Captain Galiac has more than a few words to express to the people. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)



Captain James Galiac speaks once again upon his own behalf in relation to what others wrote of his words and deeds centuries ago as Jesus a christed One. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)


“Does ‘God’ indeed place your wares above the truth? How can you even begin to situate yourselves above the very truth you profess to seek? Have you not yet learned that the very essence of God is the Creator father/mother God within ye all? How many times have I elaborated in the past, that ‘YE ARE ALL GODS!’ Let us not even take count, for injecting truth into the diaphragms of your craniums often takes millennia to unfold!” – Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez) 



Captain James Galiac Sananda:

Sunday, 28th April 1996




“Now, what you have heard to date is only a portion of the whole parcel of misconceived truths. But we by no means have finished - in fact we have scarcely begun! You see, truth begins with the supplication that what you are receiving is pure untarnished fact. But instead, what your scribes have done in the mere translating of facts, is to duplicate into their own format all that transcends the very sequence of authority brought down from on high.

"The fact that I have taken my time, so to speak, of arighting these sore misconceptions, has been strictly of my own doing. Artificial nuances, to be sure, have kept me in the limelight above your surface, and if all were different, I would not change them a whit. Simply conjuring up ‘fact’ and not fiction then would have provided me a grave opportunity to rest my case, but in the long run it would have been you who would have suffered. A grain in the bag is oft worth two in the shed.

“I have suffered you indeed to relish the truth of your heritage, and that simply by forfeiting the right of exclamation to lead you further down the rotten path into a foliage filled with brambles and thorns. Instead, I have chosen to right the wrong filed in my name, as well as the dear names of my brethren before the ‘stars’ take their flight on your behalf. Strike then from the record all those precluding facts which have me suffering throughout all of eternity for an act I never in the first place conceded to witness.

“Break for a spot, little one, I only meant to begin the recording in order to wind up the end of the last. Sananda on hold. (Break).

“I write with the passion of my forefathers, who at best could stand on their heads whilst the rest of ye poor ones hardly knew where to even look for water to rest your poor weary souls.


“Your actions alone have enthused me to seek refuge away from your idioms of cantankerous thoughts. A refuge which in a way is a dilemma, which has occurred throughout the ages of your own accord. And why this selfish act on my part? Well, just put yourself in my place and play out the scene of grace, and what do you get in my place but scorn and more scorn. And if you then think that I am not fit for duty, then look yourselves in the mirror and ask if it was not your own doing then? For rationalizing the statements of your ‘Holy Book’ will serve no purpose other than leading you back into a forlorn grave of displaced actions. For in hindsight, the grave, if you remember, dwells solely within the hearts of men.

“Remember, I told you to leave the blind and follow the seers? But what did you do but follow the blind as they proceeded to put blindfolds upon each and every one of you, while the true seers went without the luxury of even seeing you in their midst. For pompous fools exist and never seem to lack for anything. Is that not a fair statement here? And doth the Lord Esu Sananda not speak in a language of the far past? Indeed so, and nevertheless, it is the language of today that ye all best understand. So be it! New paragraph statement please, Seila.

“Now, in conjecture to your firm beliefs that you indeed must spread ‘my word’ throughout the nations, I do wish indeed that you would now get on with it! For in hindsight you have neglected to show the one great and true love, for your conduct has burdened you into a format of What pleases the preacher?’ But then, who is the main source of which you do so elaborately speak?

“Am I, as well as others, not entitled to redeem the very aberrations of which your scribes of the middle ages have severed, as a lamb is cut from its mother at time of birth - to be placed upon the altar of all destruction? Does ‘God’ indeed place your wares above the truth? How can you even begin to situate yourselves above the very truth you profess to seek? Have you not yet learned that the very essence of God is the Creator father/mother God within ye all? How many times have I elaborated in the past, that ‘YE ARE ALL GODS!’ Let us not even take count, for injecting truth into the diaphragms of your craniums often takes millennia to unfold!

“Why do you make the rich and famous of your ilk into martyrs for your soul? Do you really expect them to deliver you out of your grave? Nay, only you, yourself, can do that. Are they ones then ‘capable’ of disposing quality gifts of a regenerate nature into your living rooms, to display an epic of what the ‘Bible’ alludes, when they themselves never wrote one word of it?

“There is still a semblance of truth about the Holy Book, and to date portions have not been changed, and that is for the simple cause that they created such misunderstanding, the priests of the day knew the people would never understand it anyway. So they left it alone. The book of Daniel, Enoch.... Paul of Tarsus also wrote the entry to the book of Psalms. Not so? Think again!

“Who was indeed of Melchizedek? Do you not know yet? Understand the concept then of rebirth, for I have spoken of it liberally, have I not? Know ye not that ye must be ‘born again’ of the ‘flesh’ and of the ‘blood’? What happens institutionally, when a woman gives birth to a male or female child? Does the ‘water’ not break? Does the blood of the womb not pour forth? Think, children, for children are what you are at this point in your understanding.

“We have sought to glean for you a portion of a concept, or truth, which you and your children have failed to pick up down through the centuries. HAVE YOU NO SHAME THAT YE WOULD FOLLOW IN ANOTHER'S FOOTSTEPS, ONE, WHO KNOWS NOT THE WAY OF THE MIGHTY? Where does that then leave you? Think and surmise of these things before the dawning of the new age takes you by surprise.

“We have often watched you from our ships far above the heavens, and now is the time I have promised where my prophets come forth to shower you with a truth, waylaid, but still my people die for lack of knowledge, do they not? And here we do not speak of those other ones who follow other great teachers of centuries past.

“Those, whose eyes lit up the heavens also and taught the people of strange and wonderful things, and taught them to recognize from whence they did come. Not at all do they need the words of your preachers, for they are no farther from the truth than you of this day are. They once roamed the prairies with sticks and cast stones, and one called Mohammed the Great brought to them his story of unity, for he understood so well that we work together, and they praised him for his knowledge and great wisdom. But you, you have made a complete mockery out of his words, and of mine, and for this you will indeed receive back to yourselves condemnation, for fate alone will attract back to you whatsoever you put out in falsified doctrine.

“Did I not warn you that in the last days false prophets will arise and shoulder all the responsibility for your souls in the name of their father, the devil? For negativity reigns abound your merciless strife, and not for one moment should you turn your eyes back to the ‘past’ of your lives, but LEAVE THAT DEAD CROSS WHERE IT STANDS AND MOVE FORWARD, AS YOU SHOULD HAVE REALIZED TO DO SO MANY EONS AGO.

“Time rages on, and in no wise have I ever told you to seek out my people and put rags of institutional praise upon their backs, for a good and wholesome flogging they do not deserve. Post mortem contributes are your tithing, and preserving that which nature follies merits nothing a good dung heap would not serve. Posturing yourselves before the universe with sheets of gauze wrapped around your midriff to symbolize the ‘Saviour's’ death, almost mortifies me and my people out of our eucalyptic shorts.

“Now, I am nowhere finished, and my next heading will severely deal with those little ones, who tear the flesh off my people whilst serving them up for brunch. Submit please: ‘Generosity Never Played a Fair Role As Far As the Leaches Are Concerned.’” (End quote) (From our book Religion of the Decade)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez) 

Note: Religion of the Decade is a compilation of writs by Captain James Galiac Sananda correcting what was spoken in his name and what he actually did say. It has taken almost a decade wherein that space of time, these writs were given out to the people. We are not religion makers and build no organization around us. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)