038. Captain Morfus Adrigon: What is the U.S. Military Up To? The Firmament - What Now?


May 14, 2015 at 7:18 AM


Dear ones, we have begun a new writing with Captain Morfus Adrigon who is one of the most prestigious captains in the fleet of the Federation of Free Planets. His insight into that which we could not imagine is of value to us all. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)




August 21, 2012 (3:00 pm)


"So we are ready at last, are we not, and on time too. Please place next chapter heading as "Bulwarks in the Sea Ocean Well Off 'Australia.'" Please place while we wait - patiently. (Smiles)

"So let us begin. Now troop, the land which you call down under has a glass face off in the deserted regions. Where your domes face north-north-east are your architectural sort-of buildings, and to the east and south-east is a laced-up nonchalant type-of building which visitors may not enter. It is meant as a distraction, and has in fact a visitor entrance where men and women guide the 'visitors' back out into the wild outback. But what we really wanted to speak to you on today, loved ones, is the great outback of decrepit 'saucer - type' structures, for they are not any of our 'planes' anyway.

"These typhoid structures are made by the U.S. military for the purpose of dropping types of fungus and germs among the population of America, and those coffins they have in their concentration camps kept secret away from the public, are just for that purpose.

"You see, dear ones, whenever a cause is lost with those hoary ones at the top of the disease ladder, the people become more of a threat. A billion dollars of radioactive hollow bullets are being purchased for the diseases to reign within. "Oh well" they say "who can tell what happens really when these hit?"

"Dearly beloved, you must know by now that we have everything under control from our end, and Topeka, Kansas, as we last remember it called, has a lattice farm building in the midst of a corn crop, believe it or not, and this nice little farming village, unto itself at least, is actually a food harvest and stop-over place for the wandering pilgrim.

"Is that not the fruit of ones desire - to help and assist those who have lost all that they reaped this lifestream due to those at the top who have ingratuously taken all they own in order to fund their own off-shore bank accounts? Well, we know that from the top down the dung will be shaken off the corn stalks, and when that does happen then of course we could be taken home in many beautiful ways, because that is just how the Federation works, and dear ones, you are all a part and parcel of our ingenuity in 'getting you all out of there were you are.'

- Captain Adrigon out for this portion. We will pick up later, Uthrania Seila, and good day. (3:12 pm)


(4:00 pm)

"Right on time again, Uthrania Seila. We will finish this short debut and then you can put it on the internet.

"Now, swollen waters of the fishing lakes are soon to occur due to the firmament upon other worlds, drifting far-insight from their own home. 'How on earth can this happen?' you say. We tell you that when a firmament begins to dissipate in order to create another new 'film' for the world, the axis of the new planets who have been created will be fitted with an astronomical field barrier in order then the sun's rays will be garnished aback of the trucking field of Andromedas. New trucking fields will be ashed over, leaving nothing less than a firmament which is alive with sun's particles, leaving the planet encased as a haven for plants, animals, and humans.

"So what has this on earth to do with Angorius, your own earthly home? Only that a firmament will not be created before it is cleansed thoroughly of all molten ash which your lava inflow-takes will cease to become fluid once more. Your earth needs a new firmament and we will see to provide it, but NOT UNTIL YOUR PLANET IS CLEANSED OF ALL THE MOLTEN ASH AND CHEMICAL WEAPONS which you have in your arsenal on displayal.

"Place this last part on, Uthrania, with the portion above. Good day, and you may relax on this one, loves, for we are here to take all of you, who have made yourselves ready - ON BOARD. Ashtar out."

(End quote) (From our book in progress Beyond the Horizons of Yesteryear come the Ships - Galore!) (4:07 pm)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)