034. Captain James Galiac Sananda: AND WHAT ABOUT NOAH?


May 13, 2015 at 11:54 PM

What really happened to Noah? Did he actually collect the animals, two by two? Did the flood occur as it is written? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez) 



Sunday, 5th May 1996   (Quote)

“A playback we have here, and in an effort to carefully recruit all of my memory in this one, we shall have a moment of silence. Break for five (minutes), little one, and I shall have you on standby. Thank you for your wonderful gift to mankind in the efforts so placed upon this text by the penning of your hand. (Pause).

“Let us quickly pick up now, Seila, where we so promptly left off. Resume normal status, please, in accordance with all dictational process.

“An acquittal of mankind's future embroidered the atmosphere, when men learned of their imminent plight. Not one at that time would share with another his heartfelt joy at the redemption quality of that, which Noah was soon to employ - namely that quality of ‘boat building,’ as they say, in your century.

"Now, the strange thing at this time in your history is, that man has never proclaimed within himself that quality of servitude to another when expected to enhance his quality of life for himself. If this you find to be rather a diverse equation, then let me sum it up for you with these rather precise literary components: Man in his grave would rather rescue another out of his predicament, than to place himself askew for the wellbeing of his own demise.



“Now, Noah was instructed by they ones of the craft so highly placed within your atmospheric planes. Instruction came in a manner swiftly and surely as the day passes into night, and thusly he was foretold that the waters of heaven would reach the planes of the Earth, for the matter of reasoning of mankind could no longer be accounted for.

"Noah justly did then understand of the words reiterated for his pleasure, and swiftly then did strive to the pleasing of the Masters. He was cautioned to arrive at a point, whereby he and his four sons and his mother and wife did serve to benefit a ride into oblivion if he did but succeed with his instructions. Never have we given unto man to impede within his conscience ‘orders’ which he had to take, for free liberty for all still reigns throughout the quadrant, and in no way would we be seen to impeach on those.

“We do offer by way of instruction to those dear ones so willing by way of fact to place their hands within our giving and loving ways, such as a child comes within the methodology of a loving father and asks of him what he will. Does the father then give to his child a spanking stick with thorns, or does that father reach out to set upon his knee that child in favour? Think upon these words, little precious ones of our troop, for never an instant must pass in which we do not observe the iniquity of that, which ye do of intent to place upon the backs of your own prodigy.



“Noah did so find within himself the courage to withstand the idolizing threats of his accomplices, for aught was it to his own credit that furnished the rapid disclosure of the fate of his fellow men, that the liquid to rain down from the firmament would be soon to occur in a brief period of time. Noah was forewarned that an animal and its mate would be gathered by them - the caretakers - into a form of ‘boat,’ in order to replenish the Earth with all that had been taken. Accosting an affront from his fellow employers, Noah took upon himself to brace together an edifice in order to shelter him from the cold and dank rains, which were soon to begin.

“You must remember here, chelas, that only Noah at this time did understand the ways and the words of those ones, who do recognize the inestimable proportions of what it means exactly to understand the meaning of ‘Ye are all gods!’ This did Noah come to understand in time, briefly speaking, though this account of instructions did provide a haven of a sort for Noah and his beloved.

"When the rains did come the majority of the ridiculers began to investigate the ‘home’ which Noah did build of himself. It became a well proportioned boat, for in the end it mattered not, for Noah and his family was so plucked from the Earth by manner of manoeuvre of craft from beyond, that shelter was dedicated to that brave soul and to those who were after his kin. End of story.

“Retirement seems of a pleasing nature at this time, little one. So close down all frequency channels at your end and bid me a fair adieu. SANANDA over and out on transmittal frequency 4.1.”(End quote) (From our book Religion of the Decade)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez) 

"Pickup was easy. We already 'had' the animals.” - Captain James Galiac Sananda