030. Lord Adonai: Did the Blueprint For the Pyramids Come From Other Worlds?



May 11, 2015 at 1:29 AM


Lord Adonai infoms the readers, pyramidologists, in particular how pyramids were engineered. Many of you will find this technically challenging, and we ask you to glean what you can and move on. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)


Lord Adonai of whose name many of you are most familiar with, is not "God" but one of many higher evolved men who had come to this particular earth in order to assist the people in their evolution.

Unfortunately a religion was made of his name by those wishing to control the people whose understanding of their forefathers/foremothers had been long lost.

When Lord Adonai began to speak with us he used the name "Adoni" not letting us know at the beginning who he actually was. When he saw that we could handle the work, that is when he revealed his identity and called himself by his all too familiar name: "Adonai."

He speaks of how the pyramids were technically engineered, and so with that word, I will continue.

Dear ones, the talk of pyramids is of immense interest to us all. You should all know by now that the great pyramids of the world were not, in fact, built by "slaves" at all, but by those scientists aboard large intergalactic craft which were equipped with the proper tools in which to build these world wonders. I thought, therefore, that a few quotes from our scribed book, "Pyramids, Diagrams, and Textures," may be of interest to all. If you find the text too difficult then just go on to glean out of the writ what you can. The diagrams were given to me to draw upon paper. Reni then took those drawings and drew them upon Autocad, the remainder of the drawings I drew in pictorial fashion upon my large drawing program. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)




Thursday, 9th June 1994 1:10 pm


"Greetings, Seila. Can you take yourself away from the other book, or rather, rough draft stage of the second book of the series by our St. Germain and Gyeorgos Hatonn, in order to contemplate my next words?

"This will be a sequence writing. By this we mean, I, as a representative of the Affiliation of the National Archetypes of Drama Unfolded, will be working closely with you and Reni to ensure not one iota be stretched or misplaced. Reni will feel a sense of right manufacturing of any and all diagrams or portions thereof. Please prepare and classify this short speech as the first classified copy of the beginning. Selah. Mark sequence to begin at 1:16 pm this day. Adoni.

"Justin Taylor, who is world-renown in pyramidal circles, both, in this galaxy as well as that of the Andromeda Sector, did well to evaluate in essence the applicational factor of the pyramidal equational value of itself.

"Technicalities do not matter nor are they affiliated with the draught of less loosely stated nuances of truth. Application hereof fulfilled. Diagram begin and, of course, not to forget all things are built..arranged in their contextual form or design of being Galaxy Class. Then it is state of the art to you Ones.

"Selah. Break now, Seila, for we have obtained a beginning. Hatonn awaits your services. God bless. Adoni, the "I AM" ESSENCE OF THE ELEMENT OF BROKEN TIME. Signing off at 1:37 pm.



"Structural composition of the intermediate as well as immediate block sets well in the medial interlocking structure of the hemisphere of the gopher tradition. With the exploration of these set gopher holes of a three foot by three in nature (though we have seen to it that the five by five foot structural holes have reached the component styles of the arbitrary influx of the aspiring student) of the dramatics of complimentary nature of typified structure.

"Posturing in the eclipse of the course of action accredited to the forerunner of the soluble epic was the setting down of formulated equivalent components of eutheranium and granite mixed with sulphur-endowed granite composite. Here we do advise the student of physiology to calculate according to the mass vs. texture of substance in its applicable form and compile it in the modulum of anthracited area of position. In other words, if you find this method too much in the complex mode then we suggest you just listen. Application is 1/10th of the fulfillment of criteria of the downmoded epath. 9/10th of the law of physics is relayed to the infrastructure, application and design module. Period.


Sunday, 10th July 1994 2:03 pm

"Most honourable greetings do we extend toward your kind, Seila, for the hour of exactness within the beautified texture, within and being of the firmament, does in all its beauty unfolding justly compare to the completeness of our entreaty with you. ADONAI ready to proceed.



"The state of any mansion depends entirely upon its equational value, and this must match with its much sought-after disintegrating value of proximity. In completeness of any such elusiveness stands a point of exactness, where time matches weight, mass and volume. Understand please, ye Ones, that this is not to be read as chicken scratch - or in my correction duly noted - considered as chicken-feed! It is simply above most of your heads.

"Equate the royal root of pi 4 SAT = vol 3 MIN 6 pi R2 W 62'-1/7" latitude and that is but a foretaste of the extremities of a sure compound mixture of one grain, necessary for the gluing proportionate measures necessary to compound the fermented structural compounds together.

In many other terms we simply allude to the fact that even Einstein in all his perforated glory could not have possibly even wondered at the magnificence of the structural realm of equational components and their properties! So giving you formula for this sanctified type of rock-like structure would prove to be somewhat elusive to even the best of your kind and a waste of time on our part.

"But we do intend on proceeding with enough information to pique your fancy and leaving you with a charming institution of praise, such as the wonder chemical reactions you purport to have for the fundamental continued stasis of your cryptic mummies, so pulled out of their grave tombs. Well, all we have to say of ye grave diggers of the Smithsonian Marketplace is this: "Your turn is next!"

"Sleep well. ADONAI, the I AM ESSENCE. (2:25 pm). (end quote) (From our book Pyramids, Diagrams, and Textures)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)