024. Captain James Galiac: The New Age Fable



May 10, 2015 at 2:04 AM


Is New Age thinking an alternative source of enlightenment? Captain James Galiac Sananda touches on the subject from the watch-tower of the firmament - Jamie Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

“Now, the religious wars are soon to be yours if you continue to ever contradict that which has always been foreordained of your fathers’ intentions toward the true light..." - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

Captain James Galiac:

Monday, 13th May 1996  (Quote)

“This is a good beginning, do you not think, little ones? Thank you for coming once again to the keyboard, Uthrania Seila, for the upcoming dissertation to be presented to the followers of their own conscious mind set.

“Now, to all you New Age representatives do I hereby give unto you a rationality of splitting words into concepts of your own derivative. Do you in fact even know of my meaning here? Take for instance the troops in your favour, or as belonging here to, that the love essence of all natural habitat around the presiding earthen scope of mankind herewith does not in the least understand even briefly of the whole and true rationality of what love in its full essence is.

“Let me underscore then for ye ones the abbreviated appendix of the character of love itself. Love simply relies upon the telling or manifesting truth into the reality of all those around you. Now, if ye of the New Age manifesto do not even realize the misdemeanour of which you are representing, then would we carefully suggest to ye all to reflect upon that, which is ‘truth untarnished’ unto the fact of freeing all mankind into a wholesome liberty of within himself. And this in the least also applies to the same grave mistake you make, when referring to those of selected christed consciousness, to error not, when facing the facts of the highest echelon of the stars.

“To say to ye then, that surprisingly enough, you have succeeded in the attracting of certain personnel within your realms of undiscovered truth forms, would hereby indicate, that to all followers of the Hindu faith, for example, all you need do is ply yourselves with sheets of bed material and hover over an epic of the grandiose kind of liniment in order to shoulder your responses into the unknown ‘in a kind of detrimental form of meditational progress,’ would continue to highly undermine all those growth patterns through the exclusion of justifying all that, which you profess to know as the one way to the top of it all.

“Do you understand here, that the new age does not in the least apply of itself as bequeathing a stringent overabundant retinue of placing oneself upon the wheel of merriment in order to prejudge the gods one against the other of the factions?

“Now, the religious wars are soon to be yours if you continue to ever contradict that which has always been foreordained of your fathers’ intentions toward the true light.

The Vogue For New Age Thinking

“You see, dear ones, I am not calmly coordinating a flight pattern within the waves of frequencies of universal stratosphere, excepting here for the sole purpose of redeeming those souls out of the pit of fire, which they placed upon themselves as their journeys took them far and wide. Here, the chaff will be separated from the wheat. And in case my old time analogy was misinterpreted along with the rest of scripture, you must unabashedly reapply those holy words into an understanding of precedence at last.

In other words here, little dawn breakers of the eventide, what the separation baths is no less than a pickup of soul bodies out of a grave of soon-to-be volcanic fire, complete ozone depletion, and watery climaxes, which tend to drift at the highest elevation of fifty to one hundred and three feet in the lowlands of the Mediterranean. This does not even acknowledge those waves of a plummeting force of which five to seven miles in distinctive territory meet out their force upon the planes and mountain areas of mother Earth.

“Symbolization, then, is surely the quickest and most reliable epitome, by which I manifest the sincerity of my words into light of truth-bound favours upon the backs of all those enlightened beings upon your planet.

“My home as well, for the universe belongs to my father in genetic disposal as well as a majority of otherwise brilliant souls, who, having completed the long journey of which many of you only remain out of touch with that, which ye believe is equated with more of a personal touch with the unseen.

“Hindsight should tell you - if you only regarded the use for unseen and true historical accounts - that at the Mount of Olives, at the precise time of our departure into the sky, we did not just dissolve into nothingness come the break of day!

“We were, as you could put it, ‘airlifted by jet stream’ back from whence we came. The angels surrounding us that day in blackened robes were the same fictitious characters, which you conclude in your rather swollen minds as the devil’s advocates. In teneture though, they were simply a matter of high-in-sight individuals, wearing garments slightly resembling those of a nearsightedness endeavour.

“Stringently do we occupy ourselves with the more fruitful production of passing truth down unto those dear souls, who are beckoning for rationality of circumstance upon the credentials of near traumatic conditions of your planet.

“And good for they ones as well, for indicative of the nonsense that you seem to believe, the entire consciousness of man is about to escape into the ethers of the universe, subversely creating something of a kaleidoscope of paranoia of nuclear effect-like waves. This will not happen as long as the typlification modified to represent the change of topic from myth into truth of highinsight becomes as a flourishing peasant.

“Enough for this segment and thank you, little ones, for the grave attention you give to these words, for none will pass by the grave of despicableness toward their own consciousness without repercussions of a sort, which would indeed leave them all bereft of amore pleasant and holy existence beyond that of which they now attend in experience. Shovel the grass therefore to one side, for the hole which you dig with shallow shovels will take ye no further unto the finish line than if you instead chose to reap that which ye now sow.

“Be careful then, little ones, of those beliefs and conceptions, which tend to lead the some of you into a grave and desperate location from whence ye will never return. For the burial ground is for all those who precociously never intended to follow those words of their fathers, those holy ones, who so gave of their time that ye all and one might hear of the Truth of the Ages in concrete delight!

“Please enter topic number two after brief reprise, Seila, and thank you for your beladen effort on the part of the people. SANANDA out for a brief overlay. Stay on hold, if you please.” (End quote) (From our book Religion of the Decade)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

Note to our readers: This portion does not have a sign-off time due to the fact that I was in the middle of scribing and so I did continue with the next portion without break. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

"Earth's Ascension is the New Age Misdirection. - Admiral James Galiac"