019. Man-Woman Unions in the Higher Evolved Worlds

I write for this world, as well. Yes. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

May 5, 2015 at 6:19 AM

Do the ones already situated upon paradisaical structured worlds ever "divorce"? This writing explains in detail just how their relationships work, and you, our readers, may just get one big surprise. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

February 15, 2013


When a relationship has gone as far as it is able to go for the man or woman, and they have completed the experience of learning and living and entwining with that particular "essence" one to the other, they may then continue to cohabitate as friends until the time comes whereby each is to be given by the other, unto their future destiny.

It is best that there be a period of soul purification for both the man as well as the woman between sacred relationships. Soul purification states that the relationship has been completed therein there is no physical interaction at all, and none wanted.

Growth can also occur in a lifestream where there will be no moving into another relationship for those who do not need the next step or next experience in their lives at that time. For these precious ones, they will finish out their lifestream as one within a unit or body who chooses to remain for the benefit of completing that experience. Each relationship or experience must be completed to its entirety.

But for those who do wish to move on, those ones must ensure that the other will be fully satisfied and happy in their own destiny as well. To do less would be to hurt one's own self, for when one is not happy, then in true friendship the other cannot be happy either. This works on the same and exact principle of: If one member of the body hurts then it affects another member or members (family members and children) of the body.

Friendship and trust is a major portion of a perfect relationship, even after what we call "the releasing." A solid friendship encompasses all the traits of loyalty, protection and trust, "excluding" that of the sacred physical joining. When a relationship is first begun, building a strong and solid friendship is absolutely necessary before such a relationship is able to blossom. Therefore, when it is time to move on, the friendship, the solid foot of the relationship, will always be a lasting reminder that the growth and experience for each one was a successful one.

The dear ones, the cohabitating man and woman, when entering into an agreement to move onward to their soul-mate, or next twin flame, otherwise called "destiny," need do nothing more than implement the Universal Law of repeating one to the other, three times, "I release thee in love." This matter need not go before a court of secular, religious, nor tribal law, simply because the two adults will be highly enough evolved to handle that matter themselves. In the higher evolved realms there are no courts nor is there a need for lawyers.

Therefore, any releasing of two people from a union does not diminish that relationship in its importance but rather "changes the relationship" leaving friendship intact, and does in no wise ensure costs to either party.

Under the great wisdom of our forefathers and foremothers, the way forward was long ago provided under the Law of Releasing.

In the world today there are many scars left from divorce between man and woman. The higher universal scope or practice is that when a man or woman is highly enough evolved, "the releasing," will be made in friendship, where, when the woman or man moves to the next union, there is no friction or otherwise, occurring, and therefore any children involved are loved by all sides.

It means not a broken, separated or fragmented family but rather an "extension" to the One (whole). There will be no fragmentation. Therefore, there need be no jealousy, animosity, nor heartbreak.

Releasing one another, in this way, is an experience for growth in order we do not stagnate one another on our upward journey when the relationship has gone as far in its growth as it can for the two beloved ones.

The union is "sanctified." But "sanctification" as understood between one man and one woman for experience and growth at that time is to be kept sacred. There is an intertwining of "essence" at the higher levels or realms which occurs. This is why it is spoken that: what god, or goddess, the spirit or essence of, joins by his/her spirit together, not be torn asunder by any man, woman nor child, for the moving onto the next must be in the same spirit of compassion, love and understanding for the other as it was at the beginning.

This is the higher principle.

At no time need there be a witness to a joining who has the authority to speak up against another's union. Those words were added by the lower human element.

Beloveds, this is where the "law of man" is out of sync with the true universal understanding, practice, and spiritual soul growth concerning relationships.

Do understand, beloveds, there is much more to be said or taught on this issue, for there are many more situations within the entire makeup of a universal union. But this segment we will leave for later. It does take "highly evolved" individuals to understand there are many roads to "satisfaction" of relationship as held and practiced in the higher realms.

Relationships and their workings are a serious matter and not a matter for the careless at heart and instinct to focus upon.

For those of you so held in worldly ways and misinterpretation of that which is love and fineness of spirit of union, it is best to leave all alone for another time until your growth one with another has elevated your understanding to the point whereby you are indeed truly ready to embark upon the next rung of the ladder homeward, and here again, we speak of the realms on high, or worlds, of highly evolved humans.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)