018. Beware Of Ignorance Being Your Bliss

"We 'are' watching.” -Admiral James Galiac Sananda


May 5, 2015 at 5:49 AM

Captain James Galiac cites his frustration with those who claim to be his followers without understanding nor taking notice of that which he has tried time after time to explain for their own “redemption.” – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)


 Captain James Galiac Sananda:

November 1, 2012 3:00 pm  (Quote)

“Well loves, it is I, your most un-influential of all Commanders, by my standard alone, Captain James Galiac Sananda; and why is this I state of myself so? It is because no matter how long and hard I talk to my ‘parishioners,’ so to speak, for that is what many of you call yourselves, you are extremely hard of hearing.

“You take it upon yourselves to state what your ‘Bible’ states, when most of it has been altered and erased, otherwise you would catch on to all I am telling you. But that is not to be seen, and very clearly you are not going to be ready when my fleet come calling at your door through your very television set; over the airwaves, telling the each one of you, that we of the Command of the Federation of Free Planets are willing to rescue those of you who have prepared yourselves with our message of ‘evacuation,’ therein be ready to go before the greatest calamities strike you dead, and here we are ‘waiting.’

“Now, what would you say if we were to grace your living room with tangible messages of “Christ’s return?” Would you even understand that Christ simply means ‘Christed ones?’ We of the more evolved humans are all ‘Christed ones,’ moral ones, ethical ones; that is what ‘holy’ means, dear ones, but you are so far a-field of what even ‘holy’ means, that we are wondering if you are even up to starship travel.

“Paradise is to be found in the here and now, both, upon your world, if we may help you build it, and found also upon other higher evolved engaging worlds whose right of access belong only to those who have left of their diapers at home and progressed of themselves throughout their lifestreams to the seventh level or degree of university.

“Where there is light, there is also found darkness, for without darkness the light would not even show. Is that not right, chelas?

“So, let us not reason together based on text of which has been cauterized out of existence; but come and let us reason together based on logic, faith that we will come, and a rapt understanding of what paradise - and how to build it – really exists in reality.

“So, maudlin to say, we have tried throughout the centuries time after time, and because of it we will soon be closing up our doors to the next level of habitation.

“Therefore, it will be up to the each of you to decide on that which you would have yourselves believe. To us, it is entirely your decision, for we are safe where we are, and we will once again depart for each of our own home planets – with you or without you.

“It is, after all, your decision. But never say you never were given a choice, dear ones. Itchy ears will not evacuate yourselves anywhere.

“Good Day. Captain James Galiac Sananda, formerly known as the ‘Jesus, the Christ’ though very little of my story is actually known.

“Good Day. Abbreviate the time sequence, Seila, and have a good day to you both. Sananda out. (3:17 pm)

(End quote. From our unpublished as yet, book Prophecy Determined)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)