017.  The Paradisaical Layout For the Nation of Yemen

May 5, 2015 at 2:24 AM

The paradisaical layout for Yemen is but one example, which we will provide publicly. The layouts will slightly vary depending upon the nation' capabilities and resources. We begin with an introduction which I had written over nine years ago along with the layout itself. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)



This is just a peek at the blueprint for the tribal region of Yemen. This is not for the west. Their blueprint is based upon the same principle but is summarily different in its outlay.

What is taking place in Yemen now, is really working against the peoples, through the hand of the people, themselves, and through the infiltrators of the few at the top of the world scene, corporate powers; and Iran, subversively, though Iran has not militarily attacked anyone in over two-hundred years (and has no atomic weapons - inserted 2012). But we will cover that in another article..

Some governments work for the people and others work against the people. And some people work against the paradisaical system in order to gain power and temporary wealth unto themselves through the betraying the peoples of the nations and keeping them far away from the paradisaical system or order.

President Saleh informed the U.S. and British troops to stay out of the surrounding waters and off the land. They refused and the foreign-based government of the United States of America informed President Saleh that they would bomb the clay city if he did not cooperate.

Though many may be unaware of these events, you, the reader will understand much more when you finish this writ.


Sisters, Brethren, it is not necessary to use the capitalist monetary system to accomplish such worthy goals as bringing Yemen back into the fold of all paradisaical accomplishments. Here is an economic example for Yemen:

Find your best resources, Yemen, such as offering back to Saudi Arabia for their financial help in the demining of the Governate of Aden, a conservatory for their Zoo Animals, upon Yemeni land, and Iraqi animals, among others, are in need of placement as well and fed.

For instance Southern Yemen has 27% meadows and 7% forest. You have only 1% land arable=fit for agricultural cultivation. Northern Yemen on the other hand is fixed with 14% arable=fit for agricultural cultivation, 36% meadows with 8% forestland. So if we put it all together we have a ratio of something more to work with here than families any longer feeling they need to sell their daughters into rich Saudi households for wives or servants.

That is a day of the past and we would now like to see Yemen grow way beyond its own cash flow, because inside the Federation of Unified Nations operating on the Original Interstellar People and Government Friendly System of Economics, and not breaking any Universal Principle by going contrary to the universally acclaimed economics as practiced on the paradisaical worlds, there can be no budget, no lack of resources, no crimes which are mainly attributed to the use of the capitalistic monetary system, and no more poor and hopeless feeling Yemeni.

Now let us add up all of Yemenis' finest resources. We have 63% meadows, 15% forestland, and 15% arable land=fit for agriculture and now with removal of the land mines in the Aden Governate the active land mass is gradually rising. Now we have a land mass of 93% usable land throughout Southern as well as Northern Yemen. In addition to that Yemen has coastal regional waters.

Because Oman borders Yemen on one side, and because they are not self sufficient in their own food production it would not be wise to cultivate a relationship based upon offering any of their Zoo animals or animals needing a special home where they could not find otherwise, through the backtrading of food items.

Instead, Yemenis can offer the Omanis a home for their Zoo animals and in exchange ask for a certain allotted amount of marble. You can make your own cement for foundations, and begin to build your own Paradise for those who wish their houses with marble structure or some on the flooring. This, of course, is just an example.

You would need to build your homes in the culture of your People, with a solid foundation in order that all Yemenis will be safe from major earthquakes in Aden and in other regions. Never think you are not prone to earthquakes in your regions simply because you have had none before. With all the active bombing and shelling going on by the Americans and British against Iraq and Afghanistan, the bombings are setting off shock waves throughout the major tectonic plates.

Whatever Yemen needs in prospects of irrigation for instance Yemen is able to ask for assistance in acquiring irrigation pipes with saltine inhibitors attached in return for fish and an offer to yet another Ummah (nation) within a UMMAH=Nation, to offer sanctuary of a Paradisaical nature for exotic Zoo animal creatures and the tired and abused and sad ones. So this is how it works and it has worked this way for eons upon other worlds even less fortunate than this one.

Why do we bring up an issue such as Yemenis building some of their structures of Marble? Just to let Yemenis know that no matter what the People of Yemen decide they wish to build their own Personal as well as collective Paradise out of as far as material is concerned, nothing under the Original Intersteller People and Government Friendly System of Economics, (if you all work together and follow the Blueprint we had given to each one of you earlier), is out of their reach.

In the example of agriculture dealing between nations, and Peoples, and Governments of Nations, before we progressed on in explaining how the Ummah's work within each UMMAH and those UMMAHS or NATIONS work within even a larger CENTRAL UMMAH, and so on, then you will accomplish a feat so great that Yemen will be turned into a Paradise and even the land will be turned into the greenest meadow lands for the Greatest and Most Beautiful World Conservatory for Middle Eastern Zoo Creatures, that the entire non-Capitalist World will flock to Yemen just to see them all and be taught at the same time how to care for their own animals at home.

Animals likened unto People do not want to be the subject of examination when they need to urinate or release dung. Watch intently some day soon, a smaller animal such as a dog or cat, and you will notice that these are sentient beings who have particular feelings just the same as you and I do about many of these things if not all.

Yemen may become the world conservatory zoo.

Yemen may become also the world's largest animal hospital. Remember this conservatory is for the abandoned, abused and neglected animals, fowl and endangered amphibians and endangered species of fish, as well as some exotic creatures.

Yemen's mountainous regions, the flatlands, sea and lake areas provide home to all types of these sort of animals, fish and fowl and allow for hiking and boating for people who live within the Federation of Free Planets.

People will come worldwide to study and be taught about all creatures.

A school will be erected to take students who wish to become animal doctors and conservationists.

Tourism will put Yemen on its feet as well as people visiting the ancient city which is one of the worlds greatest wonders..

Yemen will be a port of boating and glass bottomed boats will be afloat to show the people who sail on them the conservation sea-life.

Contributions to the conservatory will be another way Yemen will rise to the top. People contributing supplies and talents to build the conservatory schools, to set paths, etc.These people contributing their talents will still put in their hours to their home Material Majlis.

Saudi Arabia has given extensively to the demining of the entire Governate of Aden, in Yemen, and President of Yemen, Saleh, back in those days of demining, enterprised the entire operation with the utmost of success.

But there are those who did not wish to see Yemen under another type of success and that success is the Paradisaical solution for all of Yemeni people.

Certain ones caused the utmost trouble and turmoil in Libya and Iraq, Afghanistan, and other interested nations such as Syria whose water, should it come under the control of others, would leave the Arab world in the north in great peril. For without water all life ends.

These are ones, overturning governments, some of whose leaders had noble goals for their people, and were blamed unfairly for targeting their own people when indeed it was others on rooftops and on the ground doing the evil deeds. These certain ones only wish for the destruction unto death of all peoples of the Arab world and beyond in order that a return to a paradisaical living will never see fruition in the present peoples lifetime, nor in the lifetime of their children in their present incarnation.

Selfishness always breeds contempt for the people - all people. Good day.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries