014. Captain James Galiac: Are You Dead Or Alive? And What About Jonah?!

April 28, 2015 at 8:15 PM

Most people know the story of Jonah, but puzzle themselves how Jonah could possibly survive in the belly of a large mammal with water...Well, you will have a whale-of-a good time reading this section of what really happened to Jonah, and the ridiculousness of those who twisted the words... - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)



Dear ones, you may wonder why at times there is no date on a scribing. This is due to very long sessions and some of the scribings posted are taken from the middle of a long session under a different topic heading. By the time we post, the entire session, of course, had been completed. So, though many scribings will undoubtedly have the time, day, month and year, still others will have nothing. Therein will we place the name of the author.

Most people know the story of Jonah, but puzzle themselves how Jonah could possibly survive in the belly of a large mammal with water consistently going deep into the belly along with plankton and small fish. Well, you will have a whale-of-a good time reading this section of what really happened to Jonah, and the ridiculousness of those who twisted the words and deleted many others in order to confuse even the best of you. But first, Captain Sananda James Galiac dealing with the issue of "Are You Dead or Alive?" which is the first half of the writ. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)


Captain James Galiac Sananda:

Thursday, 13th June 1996  (Quote)


"Good evening, chelas. On this issue I fully intend on acquiesce of conditioning toward the rather recluse of the mind sets of the majority. And here I mean, rather, in the setting straight of those seldom understood concepts, which so fully identify themselves within the proximity of all rational thinking patterns.

"Now, to begin this epic we will first of all elaborate upon the consignment of personnel, who reside upon this earthen plane of yourn, and indicate with resilience toward that netting of gain, toward the conscious attire attributing pure merit within one's stricken plight.

"So generously do we see then the very predicament of onslaught of actual truth forms, that the very contention toward those of higher esteem, or merit, are finding themselves precisioned toward the unethical content of dialogue of others.

"Now, in order to bequeath once again a new topic of discovery unto my people, who in your place are understanding very little of that, which we have spoken to you in the past, for the very words which we speak at this time in your history, are none other than that which we did accomplish far and long ago. However, now to our most familiar topic to some of ye ones. New paragraph structure please, scribe.



"In an effort then to remove all contradictions of the past into a more understandable and rational thinking pattern for you, we seldom have sought out on your behalf all those "living ones," rather than the stench of the "dead" corpses. Fully here by intention we have left off the condemnation, of which the each of ye have so grandly, and without choice of knowledge at times, placed upon yourselves.

"You see, little ones, the mere fact that I, Sananda, have found among you ones, who gift themselves to be above standard of mediocre credit before the gods, or "God," as you would put it, only goes to hinder, in fact, that solid foundation, of which is self-slaughter and self-decline.


"In order to set the record straight then on this one, we would simply tell you, that the living dead more often than not do coincide with the light penetrating down within the illumination of their innermost chakra. And if you think for a moment that this is rather far fetched, then let me advise you stringently, that the role played out by those of our echelon from on high moved naught the right attitude from ye still, even over the many ages of your lifetimes!

"Here we do acquit the 'bite' out of the concept, for in all articulate study it is seen to provide even for the most sincere of students the fortitude of gifting among yourselves that most welcomed of contributions, including the why's and wherefore's of the present age.

"So, wayfarers, now that I have you good and confused as to exactly just what I intend to say tonight, this dialogue has merely been for the purpose of extracting 'wit' from among the cobwebs of your mind and enticing the lot of ye to perhaps join with me in intention of thought, without drifting off on another misinformed reality. So, with no more adieu, let us finally get on with our topic!



"The more man generalizes the entirety of his situation, we are sure he comes to the conclusion, that without we ones by his side he will most certainly perish. "This has indeed been of the most uncondensed nature over the years of his life travel, and to date his most welcomed attribute toward himself would be to 'let we ones help!'

"In order then for mankind to continue to place his life in the hands of the 'gods,' so to speak, he must first and foremost remove all hindrances of conscientious thinking toward those concepts, which continually speak to him of 'Let go and let God...!'

"In order, if you please, then, to let 'God' do anything, you must first come out of your shell of controversies as to what indeed 'is' or 'is not' solid truth!

"I have told you before, and I tell you again, a man needs of himself to build his life upon a solid path, knowing full well which way the wind blows upon him at any given moment in time. In order then, that man not extradite himself from the fleecing of his consciousness, it is needful for him to continue in the growth progression of his soul, otherwise, as each one can see, that certain soul will never cleanse himself of pollution of the mind.



"If ye ones were, for instance, to relate the story of Jonah to a one of us, a grand jesting would indeed be in place, for Jonah did take of himself in nestling a little paragon against the people of Nineveh.

"And how on Earth did the foxes rule the nest of Nineveh? By simple and humble means - or did they? Little ones, at times the humility of which man endows himself within is no more comely nor articulate than those who walk the streets praying aloud in street corners.

"Now, Jonah knew and understood true humility, and in the corner of his eye he saw with his understanding all that, which Nineveh did hold through the perseverance of its religious rulers of the day not only captivated audiences throughout the world, of a sort of analogy, but indeed thoroughly purged their hearts and minds of any truth, saving from their own philosophized ideas.

"So when 'Jonah,' as you call him, for none of the names of the patriarchs or biblical personnel sheltered their identity, in other words, names have been changed to fit the diet of the European western world anyway, [/b[b]was asked by the Brethrenhood to go into the city of Nineveh, he just stood by with horror in his eyes, for he so well understood that philosophy, which the people harboured they would die for, or should we say, cause another to die for, for they ones were asleep at the wheel of life.



"In order to provide for Jonah an escape from the jurisdiction of persecution coming out of Nineveh, we came up with an idea to transport him, rather than by waves, in one of our small mediocre 'dingers,' or as you would call them, if you saw them, tiny spacecraft.

"Jonah agreed and the wayfarers upon the boat, when they viewed us, were so terror stricken as to employ to throw Jonah overboard, of which Jonah himself did agree. For the protection entirely of the ship of the waves, Jonah captivated himself over the stern of the ship, which provided to us a method of staying far enough away from Jonah's boat so as to not capsize it altogether.



"So the 'belly of the whale' did we become, and to analyze the peculiarity of the situation at large, how on Earth else were those wayfaring souls to describe us to their descendants along the way? In order then to quickly finish off to you the main order of the day here, we will only relate to you those specifics with which you are so well aware, but so often mistaken. And this only for the cause that none of ye have ever taken a ride aboard the Elexus, which is one of the favourites of which Moses, Elijah, and even Abram took leave of the Earth for a space of time.

"Whenever, dear ones, you read of terrible storms coming up out of the skies, or the oceans of the continents, and no one seems to know why, just remember the story of Nineveh and how Jonah played an intricate part in the relaying down of informational data toward the folliculus of society, who were neither dead or alive, but rather 'in stasis' aboard the great 'wheel of life.' Amen.

"Sananda out for this portion, starseed. Gratified for your help toward the cause of mankind once again. Please free yourself from the keys and place a new agenda upon the bulletin board for tomorrow. Heading will further read thus: "The Pandemonium of the Great Escape!" (End quote) (From our book Religion of the Decade)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)