011.  Captain James Galiac: Tall Story Of My Crucifixion And Second Coming!

April 28, 2015 at 6:22 AM

Captain James Galiac Sananda speaks again of the time when he as Jesus "a christed one" was on Earth 2000 years ago and of how the real purpose of his coming and the message he spread were so twisted out of shape as to be unrecognizable. - Jamie Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

"But who cauterized my words all out of place? Your Deacons of your churches, and the Lutheran Church was to differentiate between the churches of the day and became the great Adventist who still carry my name signed in the blood of the cross..." - Captain James Galiac Sananda

August 12. 2013 3:23 pm

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Captain Sananda will be here in about 15 minutes.”

3:40 pm

“Lieutenant! Please stlyliscope the perimeters of Alexa. Altitude, please, son!”

Lieutenant Forsythe Jeremiah Peters: “Aye Sir! ‘tis done!”

(Captain James Galiac Sananda strides over to his chair. He is wearing a mauve-green uniform, one piece, with a tucked up collar with the colours, navy blue, orange, and pekoe lemon. Black highly shined boots and a cap of green and pink trim signifying rank and colours. The Captain takes his seat. – Rania)

Captain James Galiac Sananda: “Peters, put down the stlylisope rod and reverse set perimeters, and sojourn not on the bridge at this time. Dismissed!”

Lieutenant Forsythe Jeremiah Peters: “Aye Sir! Perimeters set on reverse!”

(Captain James Galiac Sananda takes a mouthful of lime drink, I think it is, and relaxes back in his chair. – Rania)

Captain James Galiac Sananda: “Well, we wait. Uthrania, dear. Take a few minutes to relax along with me. How is Jamie and Reni doing with their work load, love?”

Uthrania: “Well, Captain Sananda, they are managing very well to keep up. I am concerned about Jamie being too overloaded at any one particular time especially when he is being requested to put on the writs.”

Captain James Galiac Sananda: (The Captain rubs his chin – Rania) “Umm…I see the predicament. Any suggestions?”

Uthrania: Yes, Sir. I am delegating the overload to Reni and even I will post if I have time, which I have not much of.

Captain James Galiac Sananda: “I see. Well you seem to have it all under control. If we overburden our scribe with too much workload for one day, you have our permission to send it over Reni’s way. Keep on stand-by for us and post less.”

Uthrania: I post very little now, Sir.

Captain James Galiac Sananda: “That’s fine. Oh, Captain Higgins, Sir! You are on the weight line, and the perimeters for Captain Juxton do simply not match the criteria we have formed for the proximity of…. anyway I do not really want to discuss it now. Please Captain, take a seat and we will adjourn after this short session and plankton it all way! Eh?”

(Captain Sananda gives Captain Higgins a slight sideways grin which disappears immediately. – Rania)

3:56 pm

Lieutenant Hargraves: “Four minutes to go, Sir.”

3:57 pm

Captain James Galiac Sananda: “Alright, let’s begin. We are a few minutes early, Uthrania, but if you are at the ready, I do have other matters to attend to.”

Uthrania: Ready, Sir.



Captain James Galiac Sananda: “The perimeters being set, Captain Hargrave reading the data from his end. Let us proceed on with our work of the day.

“We are not bias, loves, and chelas, my favourite term for ye all, but we do strongly object to the fantasy which plays around in your minds day after day, in concluding that we of the stars may well not exist before your forefather and mothers were put upon this planet to bear the succeeding generations, and that to us is nothing less than highly annoying!

“You as a species – doesn’t matter from which planet you originally originated from - did not get here on your own, as we have told you so many times.



You originated from our loins and we are the reincarnated ones from long ago as I saw fit to tell you in your over, well over, two thousand years ago.

“I told you that the same generations as back in those days would one day see me coming in the clouds with a band of gold lights around the perimeters of my ships.



“But who cauterized my words all out of place? Your Deacons of your churches, and the Lutheran Church was to differentiate between the churches of the day and became the great Adventist who still carry my name signed in the blood of the cross.

“Good God! Don’t you people ever read between the lines, of what is NOT THERE?!



“We are mortified! Every day we listen to one of your piqued sermons, and wonder what exactly you do use for brains in those egotistical enlarged heads of yours, and if you think for just one moment telling the people about our dropping them off through the seeding of your planet, Angorius, with our ships, and that one day we will come back for you all, then think again about the “crucifixion” and all that it implies because, really, chelas,  I don’t like it one little bit!




I am becoming exceeding exhausted of hanging upside down on a cross as it falls from your walls, being painted as well as stain-glassed with the colours all matching in red, and your showing your little children such a ghastly contraption as two slabs of linseed wood wrapped around with rawhide with a supposed butchered man hanging on it, and I just am beside myself with wonderment as to just how I ended up like a butchered sow just being nailed to a cross when they used rawhide anyway on the poor cauterized ones of their life and limbs? Interesting speculation is it not?

“I mean, after all, chelas, the rawhide was soaked and saturated in watered-down liniment for the purpose of being dried out by the sun therein not elasticizing the tension of the band but curtailing its width into suction pressure through making it dry and swelling the hands and feet to their abnormal position.



“In other words, dear elusive brained ones, when you tie a creature with wet rawhide and place him or her under the sun, the rawhide will thicken and swell the hands and the feet and in some cases the neck area or even chest and abdomen until all blood flow is choked off.

You see, the utter nonsense of all this, chelas? Your entire story of the crucifixion is warped completely out of perspective, and none of you even make sense to yourselves.

“All dogma aside. Put this on, Jamie, my boy, and do not spare the format. Adieu, and thank you, my sister. Good Evening. Sananda out.” 4:16 pm (End quote)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries