009. Captain James Galiac Sananda: If the Truth Be Known!

April 20, 2015 at 6:50 AM

There is a time in everyone's life when they look up into the heavens and wonder what is really out there. Captain James Galiac gives the reader a birds eye view into the minds of those who reside upon the ships so far up and yet not so far up in your own atmosphere. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

Introduction and What Should Your Relatives Within the Starships Think of You?

Dear ones, when we lived in Tempe, Arizona for 2 years we met a man who was a black belt. He collected unusual books and books on the martial arts. He became enthralled with our five books and insisted upon purchasing them. Not long after, following his purchase of the books, formidable men paid him a visit. They threatened him and he became so afraid that he not only rid himself of our five books which he loved, but every other book that he owned. Nevertheless, he did not rid himself of us and continued to pay us his kindly visits. When others are so hungry for universal truth that they will go to great lengths to obtain it; that universal truth will always present itself in a way which the soul knows is reality.

Note: When I first began working with Captain James Galiac his words were pronounced and elegant, and quite beautiful, but firm and even strict at times. (I will be posting these as well)

Up throughout the years I asked him if he would be so kind as to give me his words in scribings which were a little more "modern." Years passed and this request was not granted - until one day, the Captain had a surprise for me and this writ and others came into being. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

April 11, 2011 5:12 pm   (Quote)

Captain James Galiac Sananda: "If the truth be known. Place please.


"Well, what if the people never learn much or rather anything substantial about us, their brothers and sisters from the stars, great great great etc. grandparents? What of us then? Should we not know them either? Should we forget their tribulation since we last saw them so many millennial ago, or was it so long ago? Now there is food for thought. Next paragraph please.

"You see, when people are no longer allowed to think for themselves or bespeak that which they do think which is rather out of the ordinary but is truth divine, those sorry ones who have taken away their liberty and rights in this area are no farsight better than those who take away the arms and legs of a soldier in battle.

"How is he or she to progress then through the battle lines? Eh? Now, temperance is shown all those who knew not better of their crimes against humanity in this regard, but all the same when you retard another's life lessons you folly them in this most serious regard: and that is to condemn them to continually repeat their cut-short lessons over and over again, condemning them to many more lifestreams without gaining any credibility with the stars, their home planets, and those who cull the words of falsehood from the gullet of the truth bearers.

"So you see, in forbidding such works such as these for so long to see the light of day, and antagonizing and discriminating against all those dear ones who really are ready to receive our help and assistance, those hoary and distasteful ones have already erased their own condition back to the grave to begin once again over and over in the same sort of lifestreams as they had before, except this time without the wealth, and this time without the power over another poor wayfaring soul.

"Now, next to abolition we will replace the first amendment with a good showering of truth, real facts coming to you for your own consideration, and because you are no longer allowed to converse of these incidents nor to speak to one another of the glory of the heavens, you will be regarded by ourselves nonetheless as worthy of our attention and assistance and 'glory' in transporting you with us when the day of your release will come just as surely as the stars come out in your district of skies this night.

"Aborting the people from free expression and speech to one another is paramount to increasing their suffering, but then, those who run the world love suffering just as long as it is not on their own plates. Just think of the wars shielded by a storm front which they at the top do never administer to their own beloved ones, if they have any left at all. In case any of you think that the strychnine of policy goats the far right into joining with the far left ranks, think again, dear ones, for the joining of the cross in any case is also paramount to a disguise which allows the people nothing more than seemingly 'etiquette' in rejoicing that they think just maybe they have accomplished something rather than that which they really and truly have not.

"Sananda out for this short portion. Must go. Sign off please, Seila, and wait not for my return tonight. Thank you. Sananda out." 5:29 pm (End quote) (From our book Escape to Paradise)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)