008. Starship Commander Adrigon Speaks to the World

April 20, 2015 at 6:34 AM

Beyond the Horizons of Yesteryear Come the Ships - GALORE!


Captain Morfus Adrigon:


"Hello, you all fare-thee-well and solemn ones!

"We, of the starcraft Intrepid, Captained by Captain Sophram Suflus Somajar Galiac, will once again bring the White Winds around to bear 4.6 on the 'Richter screen,' and because of this change in latitude vs. longitude for those of you who do understand us, the Beings with the heart for the people, you must know that with us first things come first, and that is the entire weight of the civilization of historical Beings becoming ready for their homeward journey. And now let us begin.

"Seila, thank you firstly for your prompt displayal at the screen which never seems to go away and we, of the Starship Intrepid and the White Winds are forever at your disposal as you have always been at ours.

"We need no time modem, but for your readers we will place upon this parchment one which fits their time line, and then we will promise ourselves to begin.

Place in time module 3 after two. We await.


August 12, 2012 2:03 pm, Ryley, Alberta, Canada

"Coming forth with enough dictatorial messages whilst you type, Seila, is sometimes an incredibly difficult journey. And why is this? Because in many cases the filth which surrounds your earth via your chemically laced atmosphere makes it difficult to sort out the junk from the platitudes, but nonetheless, it must be done.

"All captains of all star maneuverings equip themselves with a punctuality in assisting one another who do not yet have the capacity for vortex traveling, find the Van Allen Belt someone of a strange feat. It is well known among our own beasties here in the heavens, your heavens, whom traipse around in star form as 'the dragon,' 'the ram,' and what have you, that the time for the end of such seclusion from the brothers and sisters upon your planet of earth Angorius is near at hand.

"By this what we mean is a prompt displayal of the 'removal' soon of all intergalactic starship from 'being' the 'Big and Small Dipper' and from being large planets such as your 'Venus' 'Pluto' and 'Artemus.'

"It is fun, is it not, little people of our own hygiene, to once again be able to observe that which is in your heavens, in their own proximity no longer clouded nor shaded by those things or beliefs which, of course, are not really your own but instead belong to the lifeline of lies you have been continually fed by government scientists, whilst other of your scientists have been so cruelly put to death or locked away in insane houses for the demented; fed with brozyne enzymes through a stick with a tiny hole at the end.

Ah well, such scenes never exist upon your brothers and sisters worlds, which one day many of you will in your preparation will now visit before you escape to one which is perhaps more of your fitting. What a pleasant surprise to visit so many long-lost relatives.

"Many of your relatives which have for centuries reincarnated time after time upon your earth planet, which we call here in the Galactic Council, 'Angorius,' are of course none other than yourselves, dearest ones, so you have grown and grown and grown until your nest egg appears to take you home for a visit, yet you will need to grow even more before you are able to retain your presence upon such earths, and therein will we of the starcraft troop place each one of you upon a planet more fitting for your continued growth.

"We have enjoyed this segment, dear ones, and for your attention will we continue in feeding to the troop on your planet the necessary co-ordinates for your pickup, each one, after the time comes for your readiness at hand by yourselves.

Please clock off time element, dear Uthrania Seila, and format the text into Arial Simon print. Adieu. - Commander and Chief, Captain Adrigon." 2:42 pm (End quote) (From our book Beyond the Horizon of Yesteryear Come the Ships - Galore!)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

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