007. Higher Structure of Incarnation and the Economics - This Exerpt Is Taken From The Blueprint For The Solution To The IRAQ Crisis

April 19, 2015 at 3:19 AM

Dear ones, this portion have I written as a foundation for that which is to come in the form of writs or scribings from the starship commanders. It is a brief look into economics and where you go upon your next incarnation, provided you have made it to the first level of a paradisaical world. 

This blueprint in its entirety was then as it is today, the solution for IRAQ. It was first presented to the governments and the peoples at the time of the most horrendous war effort by the west and their allies whom all had their hands in the Iraqi pot of Oil, but "competition" to set up the paradisaical system within their own nations was paramount for two in particular. Our blueprint - the SOLUTION FOR IRAQ as being the first nation to offer such to the nations surrounding itself was heavily rejected by the hidden hand and the powers who continue to rule globally with the chaotic destruction of the peoples of the world in mind. It was not rejected however by the majority of the governments throughout the Middle East. Those who worked on it were eliminated. Africa, as well, embraced it.  - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez))

What is the First Level of Paradise and What Evolution Do We Speak of?

First you must understand that through reincarnation, whatever you build in this life will be your token or contribution toward yourselves as well as others in the next. Hence, you are now living in the Time of the Great Equinox whereby you either make it to the first rung of living upon a Paradisaical world having made it over the Equinox, or having to repeat many lifestreams over again upon various planetary worlds.

Once you do make it over the final Equinox, you then will never need to work in the negative upon worlds such as this. Like a plant you grow and continue to flourish without snow and ice making you to repeat and rebuild consistently. It is an exciting time for you live upon worlds in which truth is the normal attribute of life no matter in which discipline you may study or major in.

Travel to other planets is as normal a feat as travel to other countries is upon this world.

The economic system is entirely different and this world has no known substitute for it and that is why this world is out of sinc with all universal principles of higher evolved practices.

Evolvement does in no wise mean that the Darwin theory has become the substitute of truth, but rather the evolvement we speak of has its principles in human birth, HU standing for Holy Universal, which simply means that when the Creation of the Humanities first began, the human "evolved" in higher understanding and principle of truth, but the coordination of the body still remains as human.

Once you make it over the Equinox, your humanity takes on a brand new type of evolution and that evolution has entirely to do with intellect and perfecting one's DNA. One has never begun as a tadpole for example, evolving into an ape, though we do agree that in the political realm that most do seem to act out their own beliefs in this arena.

Dear ones, we have worked long and hard over many lifestreams, and few come to a world such as this in order to teach of the errors of religion and economics - but this is the time of the Equinox.

Our teachings are a danger to the power structure of this day and the powers that be have tried to eliminate in one way or another, each one throughout the generations and those generations are ones which have come back to be taught of the true system in all of its principles and directives in DETAIL and that which we have given so far has resulted in ones trying to imposture us as well as to steal our words. That is a grave error and dangerous thing to do.

While this system of economics promises to steal the resources from the people, and to build them a hospital or two and a few complex of housing within, say a five or six year period, the Paradisaical economic society builds all at one time - no budget, but before we go into this, here is the example, just so you understand how it all works under the system of which you now reside. This is our great love to each of you, our children, because without knowledge, one is likely to repeat the same mistakes over and over again - and this "is" the time of the Great Equinox.


(Excerpt From The Blueprint of Paradisaical Economics) 

July 16, 2012

Dear ones the blueprint for the Middle Eastern nations in particular is completed in its design with all its intricacies but will never be let out until the old system and those who control it - go.

Under the present day system, this present-day people suffering, people hating monetary system, a hospital, for example, would look like this and be paid for under currency, low wages, and reba (taxes) four times by the people.

Here is how it works:

The contractors borrow money from the banker or several bankers amalgamating their debt load into one massive tribulation.

Then the contractors hire people to build the hospital.

The hospital will be built solidly but yet in an inexpensive way as possible in order for the contracting company or companies to make as much off their profession as possible.

Next come the workers who are paid as low a salary as the contractor can possibly get away with.

That is the first installment.

The borrowing aspect from the continental banks.

Offshore Providential.

Then when the hospital, dully as it looks, is fully completed, the banker wants paid back.

This is the second installment.

So both the contractor and the workers have to take on another job just to pay back to the banker the first job.

When the first job of building the hospital is paid back in all expenses of the borrowing costs, then the city tells the people that they must now pay fees in order to use the communal building, in this case hospital fees or if it is a library, then library fees, or if it is a museum, then fees to go in and look at the museum.

This is but an example.

This is the third installment.

Then the people are told after they built the hospital, paid the banker back and paid the fees to attend the facility, that they must now pay land taxes, upkeep taxes of the building and while the people are paying all these extra usuries out of their meager wages, they are having to pay back the money to the banker for the first costs of yet another loan for yet another building.

This is the fourth installment.

In addition to this, of course, the people are told that it will be several years until just so many budgeted contracts are able to be manifested for the people to attend.

This is the fifth coming into play.

Borrowed monies for the hospital over a twenty-five year term, cost the taxpayer ten times its original value by the time it is paid for.

This is the present-day system you operate under fully today.

What we offer is not made in hell.

But in heaven or rather to be more precise, upon other worlds, other planets, who have learned that the money system corrupts the best of men and women at times and therein should never be used as a trading currency for with the currency comes the infraction of breaking all Universal Laws and then comes the usury.

It does not take three years to restore all power and electricity to Iraq. That is ridiculous! Only under the present-day hegemonic economic budgeted system would that be a priority to wait that long for full power nationwide.

- I am Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez) and this is our portion of this day to the each of you.