005. You Cannot Fight A War Without Soldiers!

April 19, 2015 at 2:27 AM

Without the shackles of monetary ware; without religious misdirection, war cannot exist. Without the power-hungry people at the top whose main goal is "MONEY" the blood of your sons and daughters would not be shed and those in other nations would be protected. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)


How Precious is the Blood of Your Sons and Daughters and Those of Other Nations?!

Dear ones, we are here; we have a job to do; and with your help, we together, working in the oneness, will get that job done. The "job" will be the rebuilding here on this earth - the societal structure enjoyed upon so many other worlds; a societal structure which, you, the people, call - paradise.

Now, here is a quote from one enlightened soldier who came to understand what would assist greatly in ending the wars on the ground, man pitted against man by the string-pullers.

"You cannot fight a war without soldiers."

We have soldiers having their strings pulled like marionettes to fight brutally against other peoples in other nations; veteran soldiers having their strings pulled by the guarantee of a paycheque at the end of the month and all they need do is join the police of their homeland and brutally batton down upon the people within the nation they are sworn to protect against outside foreign occupation as well as against inside foreign occupation. And why do they join the police forces? All the jobs are gone, so it is join the police or starve and get thrown out of your home along with your family for non-payment of mort-gage, which is the bankers ``death wish`` upon the people with no exceptions for those who fight their wars.

This is another guarantee of the money trick - the PAYCHEQUE.

But go a step further and see the men and women who make up the Airforce, the Navy, the Military, the Marines, the Green and Blue Berets, the Navy Seals, the SAS, and all other arms of injustice pull ranks and step out of line and what you have is a nationwide, even worldwide boycott of WAR.

In replacement for the paycheque, the people begin to work in the oneness to build a system which guarantees noone is left out, no one goes without food, shelter, clothing, gas, education, hospitalization, good and useful medicines, vehicles; and all of this can be set up beginning -


And this is only the beginning...

As you ones know, you are being severely spied upon and are been told at the same time that this spy paraphernalia is solely for your own protection. But you know it is not and that the ones in your government and those behind the scenes who try to control what your government does, do not in the least care about you nor your welfare, nor the welfare of your families, otherwise the string-pullers would not send in their police force nor military to batton down on you, the people. Is this not right?

Well, having said that let us therefore move onto another new topic, but one which is as old as the hills.

Do you remember this quote? "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."

Guess just whose foreign policy?

This quote was taken from one who since WWII saw himself to be Washington's "Boss" and whose main mission is to further the agenda of the heavily guarded military base sitting over there in Palestine, secure behind the Great Wall of China, so to speak.

Now soldiers, you must know who is actually giving you your "marching orders.`` Is it any wonder that the United States Veterans are not cared about if they are fortunate enough to be sent home from the war?

Do you, the soldiers of the United States of America or do you, the soldiers of NATO whom receive your marching orders from the same source, if not directly from the heavily fortified military base sitting behind the Great Wall of China, so to speak, understand that it is not the borders of your own nations which you protect, but rather an agenda of a foreign body who thinks no more of you than cockroaches in the dirt?

You are waking up, that is clear, and we are all pleased that is so, but mull this over in your minds, dear ones, and remember what they call you, who are the pawns in their very lucid game of war where they sit back in their glass, steel and concrete buildings cheering you on to fight for them and their money power.

You are their assets until you are maimed, disfigured or of no more use to them, then you are disposed of in one way or another; and if you come back as a veteran, alive, do not expect them to share their money with you - black pawn.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)