004. What Is Tipping America Off Its Foundation?

April 19, 2015 at 1:28 AM

Most nations upon the face of this particular earth are ravaged by a demented Fifth Column Power which sits directly inside their government pulling strings through threats and intimidation. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)


The United States and The Fifth Column POWER!

September 21, 2012

Dear ones, this is a bit of a history lesson brought into your present and your future whereever you may reside.

Who tears the mosques down in Palestine? Who bombs the mosques in Iraq? Remember, the Iraqis were long used to Shiite pilgrims praying in their mosques inside Iraq and never before had a problem, so the Sunni Arabs were not the ones attacking the Shiite mosques, but some group wanted to pit the Sunni against their brother and sister Shiites.

If the two peoples fight one another then the third group or Fifth Column will have accomplished a mighty feat.


The house begins to tip.

Dear ones, this Fifth Column group hides behind the United States mechanism. The United States is their main supplier of soldiers, money, and war machines including chemical weapons. This makes the United States the most hated country in the world.

We all know how fenced in are the Palestinians where in their streets they are wall to wall, corralled in like cattle.

The American people are also fenced in. As large in size as the country is, when a man or a woman loses their job or their homes, by the droves, they can then travel nowhere. They cannot go over the Canadian border now without a visa. They are corralled in like cattle with the sea on three sides. They are as Palestinians living inside an occupied nation.

The more they resist and demand justice, the more the invisible hand comes down upon their heads in the form of riot police with arrests, pepper spray, rubber bullets, heavy handed bullying, and at times - murder.

The government and the hand which guides them try anything but to address the problems created deliberately against the people. No one is exempt but a few.

They do not wish to fix the problems - they created them.

These few can never be arrested nor put on trial because they control the police, the courts, and most of those who rule over the courts.

As the mainstream media continues in making fools of the unfoolish and ridiculing whomever they please, it is important to know that to concern oneself with that which lower man or womankind think or do against you, is not as nearly important as pleasing those gods and goddesses, your relatives from other worlds, who come on your behalf, because one day you will see it is they who have ALL THE POWER!

In Africa churches are burned to the ground. This enables the third group or Fifth Column to turn the Christians against the Muslims and vice versa.

You see the connection?

This results in confusion and loathing of the Muslims and Christians against one another.

Who benefits from this agenda?

Certainly not the Muslims and certainly not the Christians.

Were there no religions, this tacktic could never work. Therein to hold onto your religious philosophy is giving the true enemy of the people, or the Fifth Column, the power to tip the house in their favor and create once again an open gate to throw you, the people, into chaos - and you let them.

If they insult a prophet many of you go into a frenzied chaos which is playing directly into the hand of the Fifth Column.

Remember, a house with four solid columns seated flat on an even rock foundation, is a good foundation. But the moment you place a fifth column which is higher than the other four columns, in the middle of it - that fifth column controls the building and the building tips this way and that, until it is brought down at the will of the Fifth Column Power.

Many of you throughout the world are led like sheep to the slaughter instead of standing up as Holy Universal Beings and taking your rightful place in society. Your rightful place is to not any longer be the target of those who pull religious strings attached to any one of you; nor whom squeeze the lifeblood out of you through their money trick.

It is you, the people, who are allowing yourselves to be controlled through exploitation of religion and through the exploitation of the money trick. Once you realize the extent of your own bondage, it will then be, that true freedom will emerge with the help of the people working in a oneness and a new system of paradise will arise.

But If you think that the "god" of your religion is going to beat down on your heads for breaking your man-made religious laws, then indeed, you do have a problem. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

The Banker is only one side of the equation. Now listen carefully. The "religion" of the Banker is the other side of the equation. So when you, the peoples, understand "who" the principle "Banker" is, you will have found what that particular "religion" is. "One religion" the Banker will never let the general populace into. The Banker's religion is only one half of their golden cow. So find of yourselves the hidden hand and you will have found the hand which comes down with an Iron Grip upon the heads and the haunches of the people at large. We are pleased to be of service to you. 

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)