002. One Water For All To Share!


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April 13, 2015 at 12:55 AM

Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries:

Today Uthrania was asked to be ready and take dictation from Captain James Galiac. He was one of the key contributors to our first set of books, called the “Article of Faith” series which was blocked from publication by NSA agents under the direction of the Hidden Hand running Washington, DC, in 1995.

That was 18 years ago. All those familiar with our writings know his name from the many contributions Captain Galiac has made throughout the years in many files and writs we posted since 2011.

Pertaining to the ongoing mistreatment of the people on this planet his patience has run out, and his words that follow are an effective ultimatum to leaders to either cooperate with the prophets of today and permit them a free hand to function as they ought, or have his heavy hand of displeasure come down upon them in calamities which they will have no control over.

Here is now what the Captain has spoken in his own words:

November 29, 2013 11:07 am


Good Evening from my end, chelas. I am herewithe and always Lord over nobody and Captain over many. My name, for those of you who are new to our writings, is Captain James Galiac Sananda, and I captain along with my brother Captain Sophram Suflus Somajar Galiac, the leader of us all, the Stargazer Intrepid, which is one of the most prestigious starships ever built in the Federation of Unified Starships.

So, Good Day to those who are just arising, and let us proceed on now with the tenure of writ which to the ordinary mortal will not be as mystifying as you might have once thought.

Israel and Palestine – and is there a difference? Not really. Now let me explain. 

(Got that, Jamie? Put that in italic please, bold).

There is one water for all to share, but one side will not have it so.

There is much ground to cultivate. But one side will not have it so.

There are the sea life and much to cull. But one side will not have it so.

There is freedom under the stars for both peoples. But one side will not have it so.

Don’t like our words? Too bad. For our words and our ways and our program is there.

Benefit BOTH SIDES AT ONE TIME. But one side will not have it so.

The compromise between a two-state solution is to “Get out of the way of the starship commanders and our blueprint of the Unified Federation of Planets” which is physically held by our prophets in tenure for so long, and on your behalf do they come again with no religion to divide and with no monetary system to corrupt.

We bring in the New Millennium with a Swastika and a blade NOT, but a Shout of Triumph as we see the people freed!

People, you just don’t have that much time left to yourselves, loves! So get ready to MOVE!


That will be all for today, lasses and ladies, and please remember, it was us who in our earlier lifestreams who first cultivated the very land you reside on, and planted each human seed in its place, as world upon world dedicated their seed to make this planet work in societal structure. With love and careful nurturing you were all once a great breed, but throughout your lifestreams you deviated away from the great teachings and rarely, if ever, thought about us at all.

Your forefathers of whom we are and your mothers of the stars of which many of you have well forgotten were laid bare in myths altered somewhat to strike the senses of those readers, who had no more clue of what is real and what is not left intact inside their tiny minds.

So with all elevated thought gone the rulers of this planet who forbade the truth to be read, calculated correctly that by the time the Great Equinox was through many would be left to themselves, not even having the level of discernment to get on a ship for their physical escape from the horrors which are to come.

You poor demented and lost souls! I told you long ago,

and many others came whom you call your Masters, whether be male or female does not matter, that I would come with others with my fleet,

and salvation from the drudgeries of this worldly Hellion system would be met,

and the religious establishment tricked all of you into believing their form of ‘salvation’ by the ‘blood of Christ,’

and you bought into one of the most aggravating and circumstantial lies of the century,

and over the last, and down through the line century after century you passed on the lies from one generation unto the next.

And topsy-turvy you continued up the line of the lies brought to you by the Hellions from another world,

and began to worship their gold, brass, silver, rubies, and diamonds, not to mention the Opals - hey lads and ladies?!


You poor demented and distracted ones! How you never learn has always been of the greatest mystery to both myself as well as all others!

So now you have another choice. Leave Palestine and Israel in the dust off all remembrance and welcome us aboard. And if you can’t do that then face the torment of them all and of that we will not tell you what it can be.

You do not need to read between the lines, ye ones, who are farsighted in your choice. But for the one who fights against us continually, we warn you. We are not adverse to dealing with globetrotters on their own ground.

So be forewarned because we won’t be speaking to you again this time around on this same topic without dealing with you on a rather abbreviated basis, for our temper is about to erupt as Mt. Helens in California, and we will see just who is left to their own dismay.

And the people themselves won’t be touched, for we have control over the elements in many of their forms.

This will simply provide an example of what we are going to do in conducting a massive moveal of earthquake symons,

and from there your bunkers will be laid bare and the lava which will flow from below will encrypt you in tombs, and you will lie buried for the rest of your lives.

So don’t make us change our minds in dealing with you on a more rapid base, because if you do, the storm troopers at your door will see the people with their ropes,

and your military will help you none, for you have done your evil deeds upon their families, and for that will they never forgive you.

Good Night and Good Day. Jamie, put this on at your convenience, son, for I know you are catching up with prior writs out of my book - which certain ones in Google have deliberated omitted, when no one was watching, directly out of the world wide search engine – AND WE DO NOT LIKE IT ONE LITTLE BIT, IF YOU GET OUR TENURE ON THAT AS WELL, LITTLE ONES OF THE CANTANKEROUS REALM!!

Sananda, Esu Jmmanuel, James Galiac, Captain and Commander of the Starship Stargazer Intrepid.

I will sign out for myself tonight, little lamb. Uthrania and Jamie, get some rest. I am proud of the three of you...

and I love you. Your protection is quite - assured.

Botrox at Hemmingway Gulf 9.4. Section off Thailand, for another storm is brewing which will miss the Philippines, if you get our thrust. For HAARP and its c-workers in Japan, made to do their evil deeds on the behest of the United Kingdom and Sealand (coded compromise) will be under ‘our’ thumb for punishment, if you know what I mean. The people will not suffer, but the leaders …will!

 Tying off High Command at your time 11:45 am. Good Night!

 (End quote)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Sentana-Ries (Cortez)