You already reside in the Paradise you have created, each one, peoples, from your last lifestream. BE CAREFUL THEREIN OF WHAT YOU CREATE, FOR WHAT YOU CREATE FOR OTHERS YOU WILL CREATE FOR YOURSELF!

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)

May 10, 2015 at 6:16 AM

Dear readers, in this article I wish to remind you of the fact that the law of sowing and reaping applies with exactness with regard to how we conduct ourselves to those around us, and if we have decided to build a paradise for ourselves and others, then that is what we will inherit in our future lives. . - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)


July 15, 2012

We already live in the next "heaven." We reside in the heavens upon our own earthly planet. Many planets reside with us here in the "heavens" or the heaven, and these planets are definitely inhabited by other human Beings. Some are planets with evolved human Beings: evolved in social standards, economic standards and technical standards, while other planets are inhabited by Beings of less evolved stature or stature that equals that of this planet you like to call earth, though this planet is only one of many planets of earth, sky and sea.

Your governments, and those who control your governments upon this particular earth whom control your scientists and many other experts, do not wish for you to know these facts so-well-known among other races upon other planets simply due to the fact that they, your governments, and those who control your governments, wish to control your lives in every way using you, the peoples, for their slaves. So, sharing anything with you, the people, is not something they want to do. Making your lives easier and more joyous, and not forcing you in working to make themselves rich and powerful is a big NO NO with them. So we are telling you.

You are your own creator now. What you create in this life will be your heaven in the next life.

When you begin to create or build for instance, a house for your own occupation, you will live in that same house tomorrow in this incarnation. It is the same with lifestreams. What you build or create in this present lifestream will be what you will receive as having already been created by you, in the next.

Remember also, that living is a state of Being. At no time are you innate nor dead, so while you are in your present life it is important to create your own happiness in the here and now in order that in your next life you will reap that which you have sown. A great part of happiness is creating happiness for others. It is always better to share happiness with others for a happier next incarnation. Some call it karma. People in your next life, should you be incarnated together during the same time period, will seek you out through soul recognition either to the positive or to the negative. The positive is by far better.

Not even in physical death of the incarnational body is the soul dead or innate, otherwise the soul could not experience, learn lessons, and grow. Those who do not wish to change from wickedness will survive in future lives upon planets whose inhabitants are just like themselves especially at the time of the Great Equinox which occurs every so many millennium. Not a pretty picture is it?

If you fail to become involved in the change of your planet and continue in letting affairs run amuck then you will have created no change for the good for yourself and others in not following the position of other higher evolved intergalactic worlds, and therefore will receive only the same misery all over again in the next life and will continue on the incarnational wheel.

You, yourselves, are wholly responsible for your plights and noone else. You make the mess of your own lives, then you clean it up. It would be completely selfish to expect anyone else to do it for you. Do not think that you may use another for a scapegoat, for the universes just do work that way, no matter how you may try.

If you are perhaps a very wealthy person who loves power over their brothers and sisters and serves them injustice, remember this in the field of karma, or reaping what you sow:


Those who create injustice toward others will definitely find themselves on the other end of their own policy one day. Injustice breeds back injustice.

Remember, it is not wise to rush others to greater heights in their lifestream. Everyone needs time to grow at their own rate. But you can change yourselves, the way you think, the way you honestly conduct yourself toward others, and see yourselves into moving forward as you learn the ever-present truth of the universes and what that truth means which your brothers and sisters of other worlds wish to teach each and every one of you.

For example: the words, "we reap that which we sow" is a truth, but now you may fully understand just what that truth means to your incarnational experience.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries (Cortez)